A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

It Goes in the Mouth

It Goes in the Mouth45eb2-benjamin_0003

My diaper is wet

My mouth is dry

I cry and I cry

Daddy comes in

He picks me up

It’s a nice try

But it’s not enough.

He changes my diaper

I smack my lips

He gives me that sucky thing

I spit it out.

It’s not that thing!

That thing that goes in the mouth.

He carries me over to Momma.

My mouth opens

My lips curl.

Momma knows.

She knows about that thing that goes in the mouth.

She opens her blouse.

I turn my head to the left.

Where is it?

I know it’s near.

I can smell it.

Momma turns my head to the right

I see it!

It’s that warm dome-shaped thing

That goes in the mouth.

My mouth opens wide

I latch on tight

I have that thing

And it goes in the mouth.

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