A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

It’s Like He Knows…..

(From Momma’s Perspective)

It’s 3 am and I wake up because I have to use the bathroom.  My husband is passed out cold.  I get out of bed and quietly make my way to the bathroom.  When my business there is complete, I quietly make my way back to bed.  As I’m walking that very short distance, I hear on the monitor, the baby stirring in his crib.  I stop, my heart beating in anxiety.  I hope he doesn’t wake up.  I’m exhausted and I want to go back to sleep.  I listen.  There isn’t a sound.  So I get back into bed, snuggling under the covers where it’s warm, and close my eyes.


(From Baby’s Perspective)

It’s dark outside.  I’m in my crib with my binky and my giraffe. I hear something.  It sounds like Momma getting out of bed.  I listen intently.  A door closes.  She must be in the bathroom changing her diaper.  Oh I hope she comes to visit me.  I’m lonely and Momma always makes it better.  I roll around in my crib in anticipation of her arrival.  Then, I stop to listen.  What’s she doing?  Is she coming?

I listen.  I hear Momma, getting back into bed.  I can’t believe she’s not coming.  My diaper is wet, my tummy is empty, and I have a horrible case of the lonelinesses.  I can hear her curling up under the covers and so I wait…..3…2….she’s probably all relaxed now….1……..and then I scream MMMMOOOOOMMMMMAAAAAA!!!!!!! 


(From Momma’s Perspective)

My eyes’ are closed.  I’m warm and just about asleep and that’s when I hear him screaming away on the monitor. 

I let out a sigh.  It’s like he knows.

I get out of bed and stumble my way out of the bedroom.

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