A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Little Missy’s Thursday Afternoon News Broadcast

Little Missy Photo by A. Marie Silver
Little Missy
Photo by A. Marie Silver

Little Missy stood near the coffee table holding an empty paper towel roll in front of her.  “Ahem.  This is Little Missy and I’m reporting live from the living room.”

She stepped to one side.  “As you can see, the Little Thing is on the floor, face-down, and crying.” Little Missy walked over to the Little Thing and held the paper roll in front of him.  His face was beat red and tears were streaming from his eyes.  He grabbed the roll from her and threw it off to one side.

“Little Thing.  Why are you upset Little Thing?”

“Momma made me mad.”  The Little Thing sobbed.

Little Missy crouched down close to him.  “What did she do?”

“She……gave me…….cookies.”

Little Missy’s eyes moved slowly from right to left as she tried to figure out what do with her newly acquired evidence. “Why….” she paused not sure how to proceed, “…..why would that upset you?”

“I don’t want them!”

Little Missy pulled her head back.  The volume of his voice was unexpected and startled her.  She left the Little Thing’s side and retrieved her microphone.  Armed with the paper roll she concluded her broadcast.  “Well, there you have it folks.  The Little Thing is upset because Momma gave him cookies.  What was she thinking?  Thank you for tuning in.  This is Little Missy, live with the local news.”

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