A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Sham Farce is a PREVERT!!!!

Dear Diary,

I’m so mad I could I spit!!!!  Take a look at the response Mr. (I’m a Prevert) Farce sent me.

Sham Response


That lousy, rotten prevert!!!  How in the heck did he get to become an editor?  He doesn’t follow instructions at all.  First, I told him to hire me.  That’s not difficult.  All he had to say was, “Gwennie, you’re hired.”  I would’ve figured it out from there.  Next, he failed to send me the appropriate response within the time frame I specified.  I was very clear that he was to hire me within 36 hours because I didn’t have all day to wait for him.  Well, he hasn’t heard the last from me.  I sent him the following response:

Gwennie Response1

Take that Sham Farce!  I won’t let you hold me back from this job!  I’m Gwennie!  Everyone knows never to mess with me!

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