A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

The Battle of the Scratching Post

Oh it was an exciting day at my house in Cleveland.  An exciting day indeed!  I had no idea what fierce battle I would witness when I woke up this morning.

This morning the contenders were:

 Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefanie Collins Silver

  and Molly Alexandra Amiable

The object of their battle:  A s-shaped scratching post.  The irony of the battle:  Both cats are declawed. 

The story: 

Once upon a time there was Little Missy Marie Silver (Seen Below)

Little Missy still has all of her claws.  We purchased the scratching post for her to use.  Sadly, she didn’t like the scratching post that I spent over $30 on.  Fortunately for our furniture, she absolutely loves the kitty condo – loves it pieces.  But the S-shaped scratching post just sat there, basically ignored.  Gwennie had absolutely no interest in it until one day, Molly came out of her cave to play.

Molly is about 14 years old.  She’s lost interest in just about everything – except catnip.  One day I sprinkled the catnip on the kitty condo, the neglected s-shaped scratching post and then I went into Molly’s room and sprinkled some next to her on her bed.  Shortly after, she slowly emerged.  Looked first to her left and then to her right.  There was no sign of Gwennie.  Little Missy, however was sitting on the back of a chair in between the doorway that Molly was standing in and the location of the s-shaped scratching post.  Little Missy and Molly have an arrangement.  Molly pretends that Little Missy doesn’t exist and Little Missy rolls around begging for belly rubs.  Their relationship doesn’t really make sense but it somehow still manages to work.

With Gwennie, her only true adversary, absent from the room, Molly made a bee-line for the catnip-covered scratching post and immediately began rolling around on top of it.  But then, out of nowhere, Gwennie came romping out from around a corner and the fight began.  First Gwennie hissed at Molly.  Then Molly hissed at Gwennie and added a very low growl.  Gwennie, not at all intimidated by Molly, returned the growl with a slightly louder growl.  Before she was finished, Molly interrupted with a hiss.  Gwennie, obviously not going to be told what to do, then pounced Molly and chased her back into her room.  Gwennie then slowly emerged from the cave, her head held high, and pride in each step she took as she pranced across the living room floor.  She celebrated her victory by going into my bedroom for some breakfast – a hearty meal consisting of a bowl filled with overpriced kibble.  A victory feast, indeed!

While she ate, Molly reentered the living room, aware that any second round two could begin.  But she didn’t care.  Her beloved scratching post stood vacant and alone on the floor and this was her day to claim it.  She hadn’t even made it a foot into the room when Gwennie came bounding out of the bedroom.

Side Note:  Little Missy rolled over twice on the back of the chair and then decided to take a bath.

Molly greeted her by a loud growl and a quiet hiss.  Gwennie cornered her against a while and then slapped her once with her left paw.  Molly slapped Gwennie across the face with her right paw and then repeated the bitch slap with her left.

Little Missy rolled off the back of the chair. 

Gwennie jumped toward Molly.  Molly backed up and then ran for her room with Gwennie in close pursuit.

Little Missy repositioned herself on the top of her chair, grateful that no one saw her fall off the chair.

With Molly once again in her cave, Gwennie pranced across the living room floor and went back to her victory feast.  After filling up her belly, she fell sound asleep underneath my bed.  And while she was asleep:

Molly reclaimed her scratching post:

All hail:  Molly the Conqueror!

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