A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

You Might Be A Prevert If…..

Gwennie Photo by A. Marie Silver
Photo by A. Marie Silver

You might be a prevert if…..

1.  You haven’t allowed your cat to write a blog in TWO months.

2.  You let Little Missy and the Little Thing’s Minion hijack MY BLOG!!!

3.  You post stupid cartoons from someecards.com before allowing me to write MY BLOG!!!

4. You logged onto MY BLOG the other day to add a novel word count widget and didn’t bother to let me write MY BLOG!!! (Okay seriously!  Who is she kidding?  What’s the point of the word count widget anyway?  We all know she’s going to write for two minutes and then sit on her rear end for six months NOT writing either her novel or MY BLOG!!!)

5.  You took the Little Thing and his Minion to the zoo last month and forgot to leave them there.  (Is it too much to ask that we exchange those little preverts for something more docile…..like an alligator or lion?)

6.  You hired a cat-sitter and allowed her to bring her offspring with her to feed us.

7.  The cat-sitter you hired hissed at me for absolutely, no good reason, whatsoever.  (I mean really!  Just because I hissed at her offspring doesn’t give her the right to hiss back at me.)

8.  You refuse to buy me any more puff balls.  (I only have 325 of them.  I need more if I’m going to take over the world.)

9.  You had to look up the word, docile, because you weren’t sure you spelled it correct.

And finally…..

10.  You might be a prevert if……your name is Momma!!!!!

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