A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

10 Random Things About Me ……

…..that no one really wants to know but I’m going to share anyway.

10.  I’m in my mid-30s, divorced, remarried and mother of a 3 month old baby boy. (Okay, so that’s  five things in one sentence. Oh well.)

9. I’ve been to all 50 states (Yes that includes Hawaii, Alaska and New Mexico.  They are states too.)

8.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Finland and Belize.  If the layover at the Amsterdam airport counts then I’ve been there too.

7.  I have moved 10 times, lived in 7 states; one state three times another state twice.

6. My biggest disappointment as an adult is the realization that no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to escape stupid, immature, high school bull shit.

5. I blog because I have to have an outlet to deal with the stupid, immature, high school bull shit; and because I enjoy writing.

4. My husband and I have two cats.  Gwennie is my cat.  She’s three years old and grumpier than an old man.  Little Miss is my husband’s cat.  She’s extremely sweet and loving.  Neither cat is particularly fond of the baby and they can’t seem to figure out why we would bring home a human pet.

3.  I like to number things in descending order.

2.  I love useless pieces of information which is ideal because when I really need to remember something, all I can recall are useless pieces of information.

1.  I have absolutely no idea what “snarky” means but love the sound of it and hope I live up to it’s definition.

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