A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

A Day in the Life of a Disgruntled Blogger

It never ceases to amaze me how much information people feel they need to share on Twitter or on Facebook.  Not that I have any place to judge because I’m typically a woman of too much information myself…..but that’s typically when I’m in the company of close friends (or strangers if I’ve had too much to drink).  Still I have yet to experience the same kind of inspiration that some people have to share EVERYTHING about their lives and daily activities.

The one example I have is for a user on Twitter that I briefly followed.  Her microblogs were harmless but it was the one where she tweeted something like “Just got done boning.  Now I’m hungry.” that made me select “Unfollow”.  Really?  Really? 

 Dear strange person on Twitter, Why is it you feel the need to volunteer that?

In a twist of irony and hypocrisy, I’ve decided to devote this blog to everyone out there who loves TMI.  Here is a day in my life….all the things I’d never actually Tweet about and a few things I would.  At the conclusion of this blog I guarantee someone out there will be grateful he’ll/she’ll never have to see this on Twitter – under my username.  I have no control over what other people tweet.

Morning –

Woke up just after 8 am.

Went to the bathroom.

Washed my hands. (I feel it is very important to emphasize this.  I always wash my hands after I use the bathroom, before I do any cooking and sometimes, I wash them for no particular reason at all.)

Stumbled like a half-dead, zombie into the kitchen.  On the way, I said “good morning” to all four of my fluffy friends that reside with me.

Brewed a single-cup Keurig coffee.

Went into the cupboard and grabbed the cinnamon.  Then poured it into the coffee.

Grabbed a spoon to stir the coffee.

Realized that my cinnamon was weird-looking and flaky.  Oops!  That’s not cinnamon.  That’s red pepper.

Dumped coffee in sink.  Rinsed cup. Brewed a second cup.

Hid the red pepper in the back of the cupboard. Checked the label on the cinnamon.

Double-checked the label on the cinnamon.

Triple-checked the label on the cinnamon.

Removed the lid off of the cinnamon and sniffed.  Smells like cinnamon.

Dipped my finger in the cinnamon and tasted it.  Yes, it’s definitely cinnamon.

Added cinnamon, splenda and milk to my coffee.  Sat down and watched House of Spirits on Netflix.

Checked my email.  Ooh!  I have two more followers on Twitter!

Opened up my weight watchers app and wrote down all of the foods I plan on eating today.

Ate two of the meals I had listed.

Turned on Sex in the City. (I think it would be really neat to have a Sex in the City girls night and serve up cosmopolitans.)

Turned on my computer to write this very blog.

Started surfing the internet and reading about Amanda Knox.  (I still haven’t decided if I believe her or not.)

Watched my mother’s cat Molly scratch the scratching post ferociously.  Laughed a little because she doesn’t even have front claws.

Thought about going for a walk.

Thought about going for a walk and then running to the store to pick up a few things.

Took a nap.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

This concludes a day in the life of me, a disgruntled blogger.  I hope you enjoyed the trivial issues that make up my day and appreciate that I don’t mention this stuff everyday on Twitter or Facebook.

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