A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

A Word to the Wise

Last weekend I was very excited to find a small shop down the street from where I live that offers sewing and quilting lessons. They even offer a combination class that starts with sewing and progresses to quilting. I anxiously enrolled and paid $50 for the class. This was slightly more than what I paid for


Joann fabrics but I spoke to an instructor at this new place who promised me that the students spend more time sewing than anything else. That was good enough for me.

A few days later I began reviewing the list of supplies that students need to bring with them to this class and oh my God – if you think $50 is expensive this list of required supplies is double the course cost.

So today I went to the store to find out what I actually needed and what supplies I might be able to borrow. The employee was co

urteous and understanding when I explained to her that I had a budget and pointed out the items I would have to have on the first day. It came as no shock that the fabric was really what I needed on the first day.

Here’s the word of caution: whenever taking a class at a store that is set up to also sell those very same supplies never, never, never imply, infer, insinuate, or flat out say that you’re going to go price-shopping for the supplies. This very crime on my part made the employee who had been helping me very cranky.

“Since we’re hosting the class,” she said. “You really should think about buying the supplies here to support our business.”

Funny. I thought that’s what the $50 was for.

Needless to say I bought my supplies at Walmart and Joann Fabrics because their prices were far more reasonable.

I hope this class goes better. Quilting is the whole reason I want to learn how to sew. Plus I just spent a crap load of money on supplies I’d like to be able to use again.

Stay tuned….class 1/3 starts tomorrow.

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