A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

A Writer’s Dilemma

>So here’s the thing.  I love to write.  But I have a hard time getting my words on to paper, or the computer for that matter.  A lot of times I have dialogues and narratives that trample through my brain at random moments.  Experts have said that the best thing to do in this situation is to carry something with you wherever you go so that when these dialogues and narrative come along you can record them and convert them into a story line later.

I have two problems with writing.  The first is that published authors (I would imagine) have focus, dedication and talent.  Okay, maybe talent is a bit of a stretch.  I’m not really sure that a lot of what I’ve read has had anything to do with talent.  Like porn for example……okay, I’ve never actually read porn but I’ve heard  people say that it does not require talent.  More like an original use of over-used cliches.  Hmm.  Maybe I should give it a try.

The skanky blonde slut pranced in front of the poor, unsuspecting mail man as he unloaded his great big wad of packages into each mail box…….pressed for time before her husband came home from work, he threw her against the kitchen wall.  She hiked up her skirt as he undid his pants.  And then their motion was in unison like a carousel horse….and then….and then…..he got a cramp?

No. No definitely not.  I think I should stick with writing about dead people.  I’m more comfortable with that genre.

Okay…enough of the field trip down skanky blonde lane…back to the point of the blog.  For the purpose of catching random dialogue and narratives I have in my over-sized purse a minimum of two Meade composition notebooks and a set of pens.  (My mother would be so proud that I finally carry something to write with in my purse.)  However, despite my best efforts, there are occasions where I get story ideas running through my brain at the most inconvenient times.  Like when I’m at work, for example.  If I’m in the office, it’s not a problem, I just pull out a notebook and start writing.  If I’m at a death scene, it’s not so simple.  What am I supposed to do then?  “Excuse ma’am or sir, I’m really sorry about the death of your loved one, but I have to run outside real quick and jot down some notes.  I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out how to write this sex scene and I just now got the inspiration for it.” -Yeah right.  That would go over real well.

Unfortunately, by the time I get back to the office, write my scene report and do the body exam, those thoughts are completely forgotten. 

To the writing experts out there I have this to ask….What do I do under these circumstances?  Good luck figuring this one out.

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