A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Attention Consumers!!!

This blog is dedicated to any one out there who would like to purchase a docking station for his/her cell phone.  I found what I believe could be the one and only universal docking station.  In all fairness I haven’t tested this out on all cell phones.  But it does work for my Samsung Epic.

I’ve only had the Samsung Epic for a few weeks now but I really, really love it!!!  Apps!  Apps everywhere!  I love, love, love Apps!  One of my favorite apps available for my android is the Kaloer Clock.  I love using this free feature at night because it will put my cell phone on airplane mode so that I don’t receive phone calls or notifications at all hours of the night.  I also like it because I can customize the alarm so that I wake up to a song of my choice.  My absolute favorite feature of this app is that it is free!  Yes that’s right….FREE!!!.

The only accessory missing from my phone was a docking station.  So I started researching them on-line – mainly Amazon.com because I love to read the reviews.  The reviews themselves are just hours of fun.  I especially love it when the reviewers get into a pissing match on-line with each other.

For example:  One person will write something like, “This is a piece of crap.  It doesn’t work! Don’t buy it!”

Then someone else will come along and write, “Don’t listen to the dipshit above.  He didn’t read the information available on the product before he bought it.  If he had he might have realized that his model doesn’t work with this product and was never supposed too!

While I didn’t encounter a whole lot of pissing matches regarding the docking stations I looked at what I did realize is that the docking stations available for my phone aren’t all that great. I have yet to find one that will work with a case on it.  Then there are some that may work with a case but then you can’t adjust the volume settings once it’s in the dock.

I can tell you right now that I don’t want something that won’t accommodate the case I have for it and I would like the option of adjusting the volume while it’s in the docking station. After spending two frustrating days trying to find something that would work for my cell phone….I stumbled on what I am calling “the Universal Docking Station”.  Once again, I haven’t tested it with every cell phone but I would be shocked to shit if it didn’t work with all phones.  Fair warning, It might work for a flip phone, but there really isn’t any point to having one for a flip phone.  The pictures below will explain.

I found my universal docking station at Joann Fabrics for $3.99 plus tax.  Yes that’s right.  I found my Universal Docking station at Joann Fabrics for $3.99 plus tax.  Any one who has gone looking for a docking station knows that they are usually between $25 and $50.  This particular docking station does come in a variety of models and sizes and can be found for less than what I paid.  It probably also can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Pier 1 Imports, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and other stores I can’t think of at the moment.

So what does this Universal Docking Station look like?

                                               Well here it is:

Okay, okay…I know what some of you might be thinking.  You’re probably thinking that my Universal Docking Station is actually a display easel.  Well…You’re right.  My Universal Docking Station is in fact a display easel.  But just hear me out for you click off the screen.

As you can see, my phone can be placed vertically

and horizontally







and it not only accommodates my cell phone case but it will also work with my phone charger.




Added bonus:  It folds making it ideal and convenient for travel. And, the volume buttons can be easily accessed without any hassle.  So here is my challenge out there to any and all critics.  Find a docking station that can do what this can do at the price that I paid for it.  I dare you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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