The Whisker City Catnip Puff

Hello everyone! This is Gwennie!  I’m here to tell you all about my most prized and treasured possession.  My puff balls.  I love my puff balls. This is one of my many beloved puff balls.  I have all kinds of puff balls that I strategically place around the house so that they won’t be stolen. When Momma and I lived […]

Diary of a Cranky Cat

Dear Diary, My name is Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefani Collins Silver.  You may call me Gwennie.  I am originally from Kansas City, MO.  This is a picture of the skyline. That’s where my Momma adopted me.  I’m a big girl now but I didn’t always used to be. See, this is a baby picture of me.  Momma and I lived […]

Conversations I have with My Cat – Part 2

Me:  What do you think of this one? Gwennie:  No, no, no.  We can’t use this picture, Momma.  I’m bathing in it.  People might think I’m dirty. Me:  I think just the fact that you’re bathing would suggest otherwise. Gwennie:  I don’t like it. Me:  Okay.  How about this one? Gwennie:  I look stoned. Me:  Do you even know what […]

Conversations I Have with My Cat

Gwennie:  Did I say you could have a blog? Me:  I didn’t realize I needed your prior approval. Gwennie:  Of course you need my prior approval.  I am, after all, the HCIC. Me:  HCIC? Gwennie:  House-Cat-In-Charge Me:  Did you just make that up? Gwennie:  Yes.  Do you like it? Me:  Yes.  It’s very cute. Gwennie:  Well, if you’re gonna blog […]

Conversations My Cats Have When They Think I’m Not Listening

It’s amazing! Little Miss: Gwennie! Gwennie! Momma’s cleaning! She’s cleaning! You have to see this! Come quick! Gwennie – rudely awoken from her nap: Are you on crack! Momma cleans every Tuesday. It’s her thing that she does. Little Miss: Yeah but it’s not Tuesday. It’s Friday. She’s cleaning on a Friday. Gwennie: I’ll alert the news media right after […]

The Battle of the Scratching Post

Oh it was an exciting day at my house in Cleveland.  An exciting day indeed!  I had no idea what fierce battle I would witness when I woke up this morning. This morning the contenders were:  Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefanie Collins Silver   and Molly Alexandra Amiable The object of their battle:  A s-shaped scratching post.  The irony of the battle:  Both […]

My cat needs an intervention

My cats and I have been living with my mother, her cat and her dog for about a month now and for the first three weeks, all was well. Little Miss still has her claws and was in desperate need of a kitty condo to scratch.  She didn’t like the scratching post I purchased for her but instead “loved the […]

Conversations I’ve had with my cat

Moving isn’t just stressful for people. Animals also feel the stress due to a changing environment. My cat Gwennie (pictured) is a seasoned traveller and a real trooper. She’s been through 14 states in three years. Fortunately, she’s only lived in three of them. With my husband deployed and me living in a state where I didn’t really have any […]