Conversations I have with My Cat – Part 2

Me:  What do you think of this one? Gwennie:  No, no, no.  We can’t use this picture, Momma.  I’m bathing in it.  People might think I’m dirty. Me:  I think just the fact that you’re bathing would suggest otherwise. Gwennie:  I don’t like it. Me:  Okay.  How about this one? Gwennie:  I look stoned. Me:  Do you even know what […]

Conversations I Have with My Cat

Gwennie:  Did I say you could have a blog? Me:  I didn’t realize I needed your prior approval. Gwennie:  Of course you need my prior approval.  I am, after all, the HCIC. Me:  HCIC? Gwennie:  House-Cat-In-Charge Me:  Did you just make that up? Gwennie:  Yes.  Do you like it? Me:  Yes.  It’s very cute. Gwennie:  Well, if you’re gonna blog […]

Conversations My Cats Have When They Think I’m Not Listening

It’s amazing! Little Miss: Gwennie! Gwennie! Momma’s cleaning! She’s cleaning! You have to see this! Come quick! Gwennie – rudely awoken from her nap: Are you on crack! Momma cleans every Tuesday. It’s her thing that she does. Little Miss: Yeah but it’s not Tuesday. It’s Friday. She’s cleaning on a Friday. Gwennie: I’ll alert the news media right after […]

The Battle of the Scratching Post

Oh it was an exciting day at my house in Cleveland.  An exciting day indeed!  I had no idea what fierce battle I would witness when I woke up this morning. This morning the contenders were:  Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefanie Collins Silver   and Molly Alexandra Amiable The object of their battle:  A s-shaped scratching post.  The irony of the battle:  Both […]

My cat needs an intervention

My cats and I have been living with my mother, her cat and her dog for about a month now and for the first three weeks, all was well. Little Miss still has her claws and was in desperate need of a kitty condo to scratch.  She didn’t like the scratching post I purchased for her but instead “loved the […]

How I made an honest girl out of my cat.

My husband is in the Navy and our relationship has kind of been whirlwind and kind of not. We’ve known each other for 15 years but we dated for two years before we got married and we were engaged for about a week and a half before we married, due mostly impart to the Navy and their agenda. Thanks Uncle […]

Conversations I’ve had with my cat

Moving isn’t just stressful for people. Animals also feel the stress due to a changing environment. My cat Gwennie (pictured) is a seasoned traveller and a real trooper. She’s been through 14 states in three years. Fortunately, she’s only lived in three of them. With my husband deployed and me living in a state where I didn’t really have any […]