Diary of a Cranky Cat – My first video blog

Dear Diary, I’m gonna be famous.  I finally have my very own video blog on YouTube.  Get out of my way Grumpy Cat!  Gwennie is here to stay!  Now, I should warn you that the camera man, Momma, is inexperienced with taking video footage so my first entry isn’t perfect.  But don’t worry, despite its lack of perfection I’m still […]

Diary of a Cranky Cat – Little Missy Knocked Some Sense Into Me

  Dear Diary, I have a hard life.  There have been so many changes recently that the stress of all of it has just about pushed me off the cliff of sanity. (But at least I’m poetic.)  Ever since Momma brought the Minion home I’ve had increased responsibilities. For example, I have to clean up after the Little Thing. He […]

Gwennie and Little Missy’s Chat with the Little Thing

  “No!”   Little Thing wagged his finger at Gwennie who stared at him with her usual amount of contempt. “What do you mean, no?  Don’t tell me, no!  That’s rude!”  She glared at him from the top of her kitty condo, just barely out of his reach. “What’s going on?”  Little Missy pranced down the stairs into the living room. […]

Diary of a Cranky Cat – My Apology

Dear Diary, Momma said I owed her an apology.  She said it’s not nice to call people fat….even if it’s true.  She said I should never, ever say such hurtful things to people because it’ll make them feel bad.  She also said I should write an apology to her so everyone knows I’m not actually so nasty. Sigh…..It must be […]

Diary of a Cranky Cat – Momma Never Learns

Dear Diary, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last made an entry.  Momma is the vessel I use to write and she’s been a little busy.  Yep.  That’s right.  Momma did it again.  She went to another rescue organization and brought home a human kitten.  (Head shake) She never learns.  You would think after the great Little Thing […]

Gwennie’s Isms

1. I don’t like you. 2. (Regarding #1) Yes.  It’s personal.  Next time get a permission slip before being born. 3. I don’t care what spell check, Webster, Google or any other dictionary says.  It’s not Pervert.  It’s Prevert.  P-R-E-V-E-R-T. 4.  I don’t care what grandma or anyone else says.  Little Missy is ugly and doesn’t look anything like me. […]

Conversations I Have with My Cat

“Well there you are, Gwennie.  Where have you been all day?” “Hiding.”  She rubbed her head against my hand, silently requesting ear squishes. “Why were you hiding?” “I don’t like loud noises.  I don’t like Boy-Dadda banging away in the garage and I don’t like the rain and I really don’t like the thunder.” “What do you like?”  I scratched […]

Diary of a Cranky Cat – I Read the Little Thing a Story

Once upon a time there lived a very annoying, useless, drooling dog named, The Little Thing.  He lived in an enchanted cave called, the crib.  He never, ever left the crib.  EVER!  Especially at night because at night evil, malignant trolls invaded his bedroom.  These trolls were very, very dangerous. If their victims made any noise or movement at night, […]