Dear Baby: Will You be a Herpetologist?

Dear Baby, I look at you and watch you stare.  It’s like you’re analyzing and investigating your environment, trying to absorb as much data as you can so that when you start talking your first word will also be your first question:  Why? I wonder who you’ll become as you grow and what things will have your interest.  Will you […]

Dear Baby: Here are 5 Rules for You to Follow When You’re Older

Daddy and I feel strongly that you should be able to express yourself. However, for your own protection (and our sanity) we will invoke the following rules. 1. You and your friends may go through a grunge phase. That’s perfectly acceptable as long you understand that you may very well be the only “grungy” kid who takes a bath every […]

If Baby Could Talk – Part 2

Uh oh!  Uh oh!  My arms got out.  My arms got out! Momma!  Momma, my arms got out!  My arms are loose!  They’re loose! Momma!  Momma, my arms got out of the swaddle! Momma!  Momma, help! My arms!  They won’t stop moving!  They won’t stop moving! MOMMA! MOMMA, HELP! MY ARMS WON’T STOP MOVING! I CAN’T MAKE THEM STOP!  I […]

Dear Momma: Here are 10 things you should know about me

1.  If my diaper is wet or dirty I will NOT eat!  If I wet or dirty myself while I’m eating, please change my diaper right away. 2.  I prefer that my formula always be heated to the temperature of boob.  I won’t eat it otherwise.  If my formula gets cold because you were changing my diaper, you’ll have to […]

If Baby Could Talk

Somethings wrong.  Somethings not right.  Did it rain?  Did my crib flood?  Am I laying in a puddle?  Oh no.  I’m wet.  I’m wet again.  I don’t like to be wet. It’s dark.  It’s dark in my room.  I’m alone.  I’m alone in the dark, in my room and I’m wet. Momma.  Momma, I’m wet. Momma, I’m wet and I’m […]

Dear Baby – Let’s talk about teamwork

Dear Baby, It’s the middle of the night and this never-ending battle between you and your Bink, for which I have to referee, is starting to annoy Momma.  I think it’s time for the two of you to start working together as a team. Baby:  the Bink only works if you keep it in your mouth.  Bink:  Baby is only three […]

Dear Baby

Dear Baby, One year ago today I found out I was pregnant with you.  This is the story of how I told your dad. Daddy was in training in Florida at the time and I was staying with Grandma when I found out.  I hated the thought of telling Daddy over the phone so I came up with a slightly […]