Dear Baby, Momma Wrote Another Song For You

Dear Baby, Here’s a new song for a new year!   Momma loves you baby Daddy loves you baby and both kitties too. (Yes they do!) Baby is loved Baby is loved Baby we love you!   Grandma loves you baby Grammie loves you baby and both grampies too. Baby is loved Baby is loved Baby we love you!   […]

If Baby Could Talk – Pretty Kitty

Baby was on the floor rolling around from one end to the other.  He stopped when he saw Gwennie walking by.  With a wide smile and overwhelming happiness in his eyes he squealed with joy.  “Pretty Kitty!  Pretty, pretty kitty!” Gwennie, annoyed as usual, sneered at him as she marched by.  “Yes little thing; that’s right.  I’m pretty.  You’re very […]

A Random Conversation With My Husband.

It was an all too familiar moment.  I came home from grocery shopping; unloaded the baby and the groceries from the car and as I was putting everything away, I realized I forgot a key ingredient for that night’s dinner.  So, I called my husband. “Hey babe,” he answered. “Hey.  Watchya doing?” “Um…..I’m at work so I’m…um…working.” “You’re working? At […]

If Baby Could Talk – Changing Table Conversations

“Good morning baby,” I said with a big smile.  “Is that my happy boy?  Are you my happy boy?”  Baby was lying on his stomach, pushing himself up with his arms and smiling wide.  Every time I addressed him he giggled.  I lifted him out of the crib and gave him a big, squeaky kiss on his cheek before setting […]

If Baby Could Talk – A Very Scary Dream

“Momma!  Momma!” I cried. “Bad dream! Bad, bad dream!” Momma cam quickly into my room. “What is it baby?”  She lifted me out of my crib and cradled me in her arms, kissing away my tears.  “What happened?” “Scary,” I said, swallowing a large amount of drool. “What was scary?” Momma placed me onto the changing table and began removing […]

If Baby Could Talk – Things I Put In My Mouth

Do you see my new toy?  It has all kinds of things I can put in my mouth. Do you see the red and purple cups in front? They come out. Guess where they go.  They go in my mouth and then I throw them on the floor. Do you see the bumblebee?  It goes in my mouth.  It doesn’t […]

Dear Baby, On This Day In History…..

Daddy and I went to a clinic to find out if you were a boy or a girl.  The technician had a very difficult time trying to answer that question for us because you insisted on sitting in my womb, with your little legs crossed.  She poked and prodded at my tummy trying to get you to move but you […]

Dear Baby: Once Upon a Halloween

Dear Baby, Once upon a time your daddy had a dream.  He wanted to be married, he wanted you for a baby and he also wanted a home for you to grow up in.  Last year, Daddy and I moved to Maryland.  You were still in Momma’s tummy.  We had the pleasure of working with a very nice and extremely […]

If Baby Could Talk – A Voicemail for Grandma

Hello Grandma, This is baby. I’m calling to tell you that you should come get me right away. Momma has been horrible to me. She doesn’t love me, never holds me and makes me sleep alone at night. Hold on In a whisper (Gwennie – what else was I supposed to say? Oh…. Okay) I’m back now. I’m also supposed […]

It’s Like He Knows…..

(From Momma’s Perspective) It’s 3 am and I wake up because I have to use the bathroom.  My husband is passed out cold.  I get out of bed and quietly make my way to the bathroom.  When my business there is complete, I quietly make my way back to bed.  As I’m walking that very short distance, I hear on […]