A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Dear Random Customers……..

Dear Random Customers,

I would like to bring to your attention, certain issues that I feel if resolved would enhance your shopping experience and perhaps even, save my sanity.

I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding our shoe inventory. Yes, designer shoes are exciting. But really, they don’t belong in a pile of shoes on the floor. Those rectangular, cardboard things on the shelves are called boxes. The shoes are kept safe from premature damage by keeping them in the boxes. So, when rampaging through the store for one of our many sales, please remember to put the shoes back into the boxes on the shelf. I’ll throw you a bone: They don’t have to go into a specific box they just have to go into a box. Added bonus, please make sure that you put the matching pair of shoes back into the box. And, for the love of peanut butter, do not throw a shoe into a box that already has a complete pair of shoes inside of it.

Plastic wrappers, used kleenex, empty bottles of water or soda, and partially chewed pretzels or other food items you gave to your kids to keep them quiet do not belong in the boxes. Only the shoes go into the boxes.

Please remember that your mother doesn’t work here and the less time my fellow co-workers and I spend cleaning up the shoes the more time we have to assist you with your purchases.

Thank you,

The Management


Handbags, designer dresses, socks, perfume, candy, makeup bags, and scented candles have their own assigned places with in the store. Please do not leave them in the shoe department.

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