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A. Marie Silver

Do Psychics Have Rules to Follow?

Have you ever wondered if Psychics have rules they’re supposed to follow?  I have. When I was living in Albuquerque I went to a psychic for a reading.  She seemed like a nice lady and one of things I really liked about her is that she didn’t do palm readings or tarot cards.  I don’t necessarily have anything against palm readings or tarot cards; I guess those thing just take away some of the magic for me. I can’t tell you to do this day that she was legit but, one of her readings was of particular interest to me.

Like all boy-crazy girls my age I wanted to know how I was going to meet my husband (I had someone specific in mind).  She told me I would meet my husband (who was not the someone I had in mind) through a new circle of friends at a gathering that took place during the summer months.  She wasn’t specific about which summer but was certain it would happen.  As fate would have it, I did meet my husband just that way.  My friendship with another fellow grew pretty strong, but remained platonic.  He invited me to his wedding that took place in late May, and that’s where I met my husband.  I felt like it was love at first sight, the second I laid eyes on him I knew he was the one.

Looking back on that very moment when she told me how I’d meet him, I wonder if she knew then that our marriage wasn’t going to last.  Two years after we met we were married.  Three days before our 6th wedding anniversary we were divorced.  Oops.

Even more interesting – she had told me the “someone I had in mind” was my kindred soul mate but would not be my husband.  I reconnected with that person a few months after my divorce was final and we’ve now been married for almost two years.  It makes me wonder – Did she know and just not tell me?  And, if she did know and didn’t tell me – was there a reason behind it?

Are there rules or guidelines psychics follow?  As it turns out, not only do psychics have a set of ethical rules to follow there are also certain business practices they have to follow.

According to Marina Michaels, author of Signs of a Legitimate Psychic and article I found online (click the hyperlink to go to it); legitimate psychics must be ready and willing to provide customers with references.  They must take the time to continue developing their skills. Also, they must NEVER use intimidation tactics or fear to get their clients to hand out more payments.  Finally, all psychics should be willing to give bad news as well as good news unless the spiritual guide they are channeling tells them not to. The author does not state under which circumstances a spiritual guide would advise against giving bad news.

Thanks to eHow.com I struck gold with articles on all things psychic.  Ethics for Psychics, written by Ashley Schaeffer, lists the expectations for all legitimate psychics.

1. Honesty – All clients are to be told they their psychic advisers that the things they are “seeing” are just likely scenarios. “The future is changeable.”

2.  Positivity – They must provide information that is unknown to their clients but they also must “gauge whether divulging it would be helpful or damaging.”  (This answer gave me the most insight into my earlier questions.  Did my psychic advisor know my first marriage wouldn’t last?  Did she know that I would marry my kindred soul mate? Maybe the answer to both is – yes.  But would it have been in my best interest to know?)

3.  Fees – Every advisor has a responsibility to the client to make them aware of all fees up front, including additional costs related to an ceremonies performed.

4.  Scope of Practice – There are different types of psychic abilities (to be discussed in a later blog).  Every advisor must be upfront with their clients as to what services they can and cannot provide.  If their client is in need of a service that it out of that psychic’s expertise, then that Psychic should refer them to another professional who can assist them.

Finally, just in case you were curious, there is a professional board for psychics.  There’s probably more than one but this is the one I found it’s the American Association of Professional Psychics.

I couldn’t find anything on their website with directions regarding how someone would obtain a certification through this association but leave it to ehow.com to answer that question for me.  Charlotte Anne Cox wrote in her article, How to Become a Certified Psychic, a list of requirements.

1. A photocopy of a driver’s license or valid ID
2. 3 letters of recommendation from clients who can vouch for your psychic ability.
2. Proof that your legitimate psychic abilities from an agency such as a police department that proves you used your abilities in a psychic investigation.
3. (This has to be my favorite)  A written essay on how you came into your psychic abilities and how you want to change the world with them. (Sounds a little “Beauty Queenish” but whatever.)
4. Write out a check for $125 (Shouldn’t take a psychic to figure out money was going to be involved in this process.)

5. Send everything – especially the check- to the American Association of Professional Psychics who will contact you to set up a day and time where you will be asked to perform a psychic consultation in front of their committee members.

In conclusion – I think I learned way more than I needed to know on this topic.  But, I think it’s safe to say that some of what I stumbled on today will definitely make an appearance in my book.

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