A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gifts For Writers, 2015

IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN. THAT GLORIOUSLY PINE-SCENTED, SANTA-FROTHED, BUTTER-LUBED CAPITALIST COOKIE DOUGH ORGY KNOWN AS “THE HOLIDAYS.” (Yes, that’s right. I didn’t call it “Christmas.” The war is real, folks. The war is real.) (Besides, Santa is for everyone. He is an Old Elf. He’s not some Young Hipster Elf like that…


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  1. Good ole, clever Chuck Wendig. What a great list. I love how he says that writers are hard to buy for because we’re like dogs and we don’t need much to do what we do. It’s true! The other day when I was trying to think of a Christmas wish list to give my husband, I was thinking that very same thing (except the dog part.) I think coffee gift cards are always a good writerly gift, as are book gift cards since we’re all (one would hope) readers. The Moo business cards are tempting, but I have to agree that b-cards for writers are kind of silly. What were your favorites on Chuck’s list?

    1. Actually, I’m all about notebooks. I LOVE composition notebooks! I buy them in bulk during the back-to-school specials. Some women are obsessed with shoes, I’m obsessed with notebooks! Other than that, the coffee mugs and coffee/tea subscriptions were nifty ideas!

      1. Oh, yes, notebooks are great, too. I’m really particular about them: small enough to tote around in my purse, but not too small, with college-ruled lines. Spiral bound is a good because I can clip my pen into the spiral. I bought a bunch recently with even a little pocket into which I can stuff notes I’ve randomly jotted on bits of paper.

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