A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

I Found the Trunk

In my quest to finish my short story in time for the September 12th deadline (YIKES!),  I’ve been scrambling to figure out the trunk of my story.  About three days ago, I was taking a break from writing and I decided to check my email.  Much to my surprise I found this in my inbox.

Dear Writer,

I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to figure it out.  Seriously?  Since you’re having so much trouble trying to figure it out, here’s a little hint:  I’ve been in front of you the entire time.  Try taking a step back.  Maybe then you’ll see me.


                                                                                                        The Trunk.

I took a step back from my story and then took another look at it.  Sure enough, I found the trunk.  With not much time left, I’m now scrambling to get the draft done so I can go back and polish it.

I’ve picked a theme song to drowned out the countdown clock’s tic, tic, ticking.  It’s starting to annoy the hell out of my other auditory hallucinations.

So, here’s my theme song.  Just a little tune by Queen & David Bowie.  Click on the link……or not. Either way, have a great weekend!  I’m spending mine writing.

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