A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

I Love Office Supplies Because……

They’re less expensive than clothing.

It’s easier to convince my husband that I need office supplies than clothes or shoes.

It’s easier to get a tax write off for office supplies than clothes – I think.  I’ve never tried it.

Office supplies never hurt my feet.

Office supplies never make my butt look big.

I never get buyer’s remorse from buying office supplies.

I don’t believe its possible to own too many Sharpies, Meade Composition notebooks, binders, ball point pens and reams of paper.

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  1. Interesting … I wouldn't say I don't get buyer's remorse from buying office supplies. On the other hand, if I ever manage to get my office/guest room cleaned out so I can use the desk as a desk, I might not regret that recent desktop sorter purchase.

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