A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

If Money Wasn’t an Issue…

Aside from meditating our group leader also talked about the act of meditating and embracing positive thoughts. She aspoke about how whenever she wanted to do something she would imagine herself doing it and think positive thoughts and every time, she was successful. For example, she wanted to retire and open up a business.  And she did.  She opened up a small retail store.  Then she decided that she didn’t want to do retail anymore so she sold her business and opened up a bakery. Somehow or another it came out that her ideas for both businesses came through meditation.  A member of the group asked her more about it and how to do it and she said that all anyone had to do was to clear his/her mind and then focus, positively, on what it was they wanted to do.

Group member:  How do you know what that is?

Group Leader:    Think about what you would do if money wasn’t an issue.

I haven’t started meditating on it yet but I have thought about it many times.  If money wasn’t an issue; in addition to writing and blogging I would be a professional errand-runner.  Yes that’s right.  I would run other people’s errands for a job. 

I love to run errands.  It’s been said that people experience a mental high from shopping and I’ve found that to be true for myself. But the high is even greater when it’s not my money that I’m spending.

I’m sure there are people out there who would love for someone to run their errands for them.  Take my mother, for example.  She’s happier than flies buzzing around a hot, steaming, pile of pig shit to have someone run her errands for her. She hates running errands. I, on the other hand, love running errands.  My mother asked me once why it was that I loved running errands.  It was a mystery that confused her.

The honest answer; running errands was the only way I could escape my ex-husband.  My ex-husband is a good man.  But was very, very clingy.  The only peace I had when I was maried to him is when I would leave early for work to run errands and when I would stall returning home to run more errands.  Oddly enough, running errands now is still a very peaceful thing for me to do.  It’s both mindless and liberating.  At the end of the day, I feel satisfied and accomplished.

I’d also love to research products and figure out where the best deal is.  Is it Best Buy? Walmart?  Amazon.com?

And what is the better buy?  Is it product A which is better known and more expensive?  Or product B, which is unknown, less expensive and does almost everything that product A does?

So, hypothetically, if my dream of becoming a New York Times best seller falls through and I decided I wanted to start a business as professional errand-runner, how would I do this?  How does someone start-up a business like this?  What kind of credentials would I need?  I assume my own transportation and a valid driver’s license along with car insurance.  The car insurance would have to have some kind of endorsement on it for business use in case I got into a car accident while transporting the goods I purchased.  I’d probably also have to be bonded in the event that a client would accuse me of stealing their money or not delivering the requested merchandise. Sigh.  There’s a lot of crap to consider when starting a business like this.

Still, it sounds like a whole lot of fun.  Then again, so does being a New York Times best seller.

On a final note: when my most recent employer took me out for a farewell lunch she looked at me and told me that I was beginning a whole new chapter in my life.  And, she’s right. I’m having an adventure.

However, I am at a crossroads right now; sitting at my computer, trying to write the next chapter to my life.  Which path do I take?  Do I turn left and become a professional errand-runner?  Do I turn right and continue to pursue my disgruntled career in retail?  Or do I go straight, and fight like hell for a chance at writing?

The only thing worse than not knowing what I’m going to do next is coming to the realization that I haven’t written a thing.  The new chapter of my life remains blank because…….I have writer’s block.

Go frickin figure.

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