A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Meditation is Just Like a GPS Navigator

So today was the third time that I attended a Meditation Meetup group and the second day in a row that I meditated on my own.  It’s too soon to see if it’s helping me but I really enjoyed this particular group today.

There was a new leader hosting this group because the regular guy was attending a retreat of some kind out-of-state.  Tonight we began by going around the room announcing our names and a little bit about our life with meditation.  Since my ramblings last time didn’t get me anywhere, this time I kept it short.  “Hi my name is Allison I’ve been attending meditation meetings for about three months.  I’m a work in progress.”  No reaction.  But, I wasn’t expecting one either.

We opened with a brief ten minute meditation.  The purpose was a warm-up to help us stay focused during the lecture – I think.  The leader told us that whenever we find our minds wandering just to go back to our starting point.  He suggested that we focus on our breath for a starting point.  For me, I specifically I focused quite literally on my nose as the focus of my meditation.

Breathing in and out I zoomed in on my nostrils – trying to envision the air going into my nostrils.  Then the random thoughts began.

Air goes into my nostrils.  One of the characters in my book has really icky nostrils with long nose hairs.  Are my nose hairs long?  Maybe I should look when I get home?  FOCUS!  FOCUS!

Air goes into my nostrils and out of my mouth.  Yeah….He also has a really icky mustache too!  Back to the nose!  Back to the nose!

Air goes into my nostrils.  Maybe the next time I see my husband I should have him look at my nostrils and tell me if their icky.  Nah.  That’s kind of loaded question.  I might as well ask him if the dress I’m wearing makes me look fat.

After this brief meditation session ended the lecture followed.  I don’t remember most of it because honestly I was having a little trouble staying focused.  See exercise above if you need convincing. 

What I do remember from this lecture is that this man….this ingenious group leader turned to us and said:

Think of Meditation as a GPS Navigator.  Whenever you hit a road block in life that leaves you feeling stressed, worried, sad, confused or frustrated simply recalculate your route.  And if that doesn’t work then….make a legal u-turn when possible.

Dude!  That’s awesome!  Simple and to the point…..and fricking hilarious!

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