A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Messing Around with Rory’s Story Cubes

Have you ever played this game?  It’s fun.  You have nine dice with pictures on every surface.  There really aren’t any rules with this game but the concept is: someone rolls the dice and then players take turns making up stories based on the pictures.

This what I rolled

Once upon a time there was a bumbling bumble bee named Frank.  Frank was always a very busy bee.  He spent his days working hard, pollinating one flower after the other.  Today was no exception.  He made his rounds traveling far and wide until he suddenly noticed a change in the air.  When he looked around he realized he was all alone.  His fellow worker bees were nowhere in sight and he couldn’t see the hive.

Buzzing around in a frantic desperation, Frank had no idea how to get home.  “Should I go North.  Should I go South?” he wondered.  “Maybe my hive is East.  Then again, it could be to the West.”  Completely lost he stopped and asked a Cardinal in a tree nearby, for directions.  “Pardon me Cardinal.  Do you know which way I should go?”

“I’m a Cardinal,” the bird replied.  “What do I know about directions?” and then the Cardinal flew away.

“Well that wasn’t helpful,” Frank said.  Continuing on he flew by a one-eyed beetle, named Mary Lamb.  “Excuse me, Miss,” Frank said.

“It’s sir,” said Mary Lamb.  “How can I help you?”

“I’m very lost.  Do you know how I can get home?”

“I sure do.”

Mary Lamb drew out directions for Frank.  Frank thanked Mary graciously and went on his way, traveling North East.

He turned right by the Daises and passed over the Orchids and when he got to the rosebushes, he hanged a left. and before long he saw his beloved home – a two-story colonial with an attached garage that his family built the hive in. But when he got to the garage he found a note near the crack in the siding that Frank used as a door.

The note read.

Dear Frank,
While you were gone I relocated your family to a very special farm about two hours away.  Good luck.
Ed the Exterminator/Honey Bee Relocation Specialist
I left a key outside the garage by mistake.  Please bring it with.
Upset and unsure of how to find his hive, Frank swooped down to grab the key.  That’s when he saw his new friend, Mary Lamb, the one-eyed beetle.
“Don’t worry, Frank.  I’ll help you find your way.”
“Thank you kindly, ma’am.” Frank replied.
“It’s SIR!” Mary shouted.  Then Mary spread his wings and hovered up to Frank, and the two of them headed off into the sunset that was as bright as a flashlight.
The End.

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