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A. Marie Silver

My Colorful Choice of Words

My mother is quite possibly, my biggest fan.  She has faithfully read every blog post I’ve written (with the exception of the Fifty Shades of Grey book review).  Every morning, I wake up to an email she has sent, telling me how much she enjoyed the post from the previous evening.  However, the one characteristic I have that mother is not always a fan of is my colorful choice of words which I most definitely get from my father.

The other night I published the post Antiquing in Atlanta.  The next day, my mother faithfully sent an email to me telling me she loved the blog but disliked my use of the word ‘piss’.  In case you haven’t read that blog I’ll share the sentence I used ‘piss’ in so you’ll understand the context it was used.

If I had money to piss away……

When composing this particular sentence, I had briefly toyed around with ‘pee’ instead of ‘piss’ but ‘pee’ in my opinion, weakened the strength of the sentence.  ‘Piss’ just sounded better to me.

I’ll never deny that I do have, and make use of, a very colorful vocabulary.  But, in my defense, ‘piss’ is about as black & white as I get.  I could have gone much more colorful than ‘piss’ with my choice of words.  I’ll spare everyone reading this any further examples.

Inspired by this post, I took the liberty of looking up the word ‘piss’ on Wikipedia and found out the following fun facts:

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piss, Piss is used in reference to urine, anger, someone who’s drunk, the title of two music albums as well as two movie titles but my all time favorite use for the word ‘piss’ is in reference to an alcoholic beverage of pissy (sorry couldn’t help it) poor quality.

 Mom, when you read this:  I’m very sorry I used the word, ‘piss’ in my previous blog.  And, you’re absolutely right, ‘piss’ is a very crude word to use.  Someone with my education level and upbringing really should know better than to use ‘piss’. I guess it was piss poor judgement on my part.

To my other faithful readers:  If my use of the word ‘piss’ has offended or pissed anyone off, I’m very sorry.  The last thing I’d ever want to do is upset anyone by using the word ‘piss.’

I love you Mom!

Please don’t be pissed peeved at me.

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  1. Hey Allison,I love that your Mom reads and "corrects" your posts. My mom does the exact same thing to my blog. You mentioned Atlanta in your post. Do you live in Georgia? I live just north of ATL in Rome!Jennifer

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