A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

The Deadline is Here!


I made it!!!!  My story has been put in the mail and sent overnight to Cincinnati, OH.  Is it possible to have Writer’s Remorse?  ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I have writer’s remorse.  I feel nauseated.  After I left the post off my fat girl with a bad attitude began screaming, “Are you insane!  Get your flabby butt back inside and get that back!  You can’t submit that!”

The time spent working on this contest piece reminded me of all the times I spent in high school, college and graduate school, scramming to finish a term paper in time.  Then when it was time to get the graded paper back, I was filled with both excitement and fear.  This feels just like that.  With one exception, I have absolutely nothing to lose by submitting this story. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done.

Regardless of the outcome, I survived the process.  I made the deadline while juggling a now, in progress move, two cats, and infant with an ear infection.  So, while I feel dread because I’m worried my story will be used, for years to come, as an example of how not to write; I also feel relief.  I can take a break, relax a little, finish the book I recently began, unpack boxes.  Well…..okay maybe not the last one. 🙂

I’ll know sometime in December if my story was selected.  Until then, I have places to be and blogs to write.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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