A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

There Are No Rules: Day 1

Writer’s Digest is hosting a platform challenge for the month of October, and since today is the first day of October – oh the irony – it’s time for me to begin!

The challenge for today is to define yourself as a writer and our challenge host, Robert Lee Brewer, provided the following chart for us to use.

Name: A. Marie Silver – the A. stands for Allison which is what I go by.

Position: Co-Editor, Co-Owner, and Social Media Manager for Pilcrow & Dagger Literary Magazine.

Skills: Editing & proofreading (as long as it’s not my own work because I suck at editing my own work.) Creative writing.  I’m also fluent in sarcasm. According to my resume, I’m a resourceful problem-solver with the ability to bring a quick resolution to challenging situations.  Need an example? I can change diapers while folding laundry and cooking dinner.  Yes, I burn myself. A lot!

Social Media Platforms: Technically I have accounts on Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Twitter, GoodReads and Google + but I’m most active on Facebook and Pinterest. These are just my personal accounts. Please don’t get me started with all the accounts I have for Pilcrow & Dagger.

URLS: http://amariesilver.wordpress.com, http://facebook.com/amariesilver, http://pinterest.com/amariesilver

Accomplishments: I have a Master’s degree in Forensic Science and I’ve worked for three years as a medicolegal death investigator.  Want to know more? Check out Pilcrow & Dagger’s blog series: Forensics & Fiction.  It’s a whole lot of information provided for murder/mystery writers.  No serial killers allowed on this blog.  That’s cheating.

I also have two beautiful children: a three-year-old who refuses to potty train and plays in his pee, and an almost two-year-old who chews on the furniture and table-dances.  Somehow, I manage to keep both of them alive and well, all day, every day.  If that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

Interests:  My children –  I often wonder what subspecies of human they are.  I also enjoy reading which is a good thing because I read….a lot!  The only genres I won’t read are erotica (I’m still recovering from the Fifty Shades of Grey series) and anything that is overly political or religious. I also enjoy writing both professionally and personally.  I recently completed the first draft of my novel and I hope to have it published sometime between now and when I die.

In one sentence, who am I: I am toddler-tamer, writer, editor and wife who speaks fluent sarcasm and lacks any kind of sensor.

Favorite punctuation mark: (This wasn’t on his list but…what the hell…) The snark mark.  It looks like this:  .~ It can be used by writers to indicate irony in a sentence. At least that’s what Dr. Google told me and you know the Internet, it never lies.~

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