A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

There are no rules: Day 3

Today’s challenge is to:

A. Create a blog.

Been there. Done that. Check!

B. Write a post for today.

In progress

C. Share the URL to my blog onto the writer’s digest platform challenge page.

I will in a just a moment.  First, I need to get back to part B.

One of the examples listed for post topics was to write about how your blog got started. To which I must ask:  which blog? I’ve had five of them….or more.  I stopped counting a long time ago.

My quest to build a platform has followed a similar path as my quest to lose 50 pounds.  I’ve had a lot of false starts. Truthfully, the only blog I’ve continuously written for is the Pilcrow & Dagger blog. And the reason for not quitting that one is simple: it’s my business.  I have to blog or I don’t have a business.

Writing down that last sentence made me realize that mentality is a huge part of my problem.  I consider myself a writer; I tell people I’m a writer.  But, I don’t treat my personal writing like a business.  Hopefully this challenge will turn that around.

In the meantime, I’m holding down the fort in Maryland, bracing for the impending storm that Hurricane Joaquin was so generous enough to stir up.  And as soon as I finish today’s challenge, I’m going to curl up on the couch, in my pajamas, and continue reading Showing and Telling, by Laurie Alberts. As surprising as it may sound, this book is actually a page turner.

This is A. Marie, signing off!

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