A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Things That Make Me Say, ‘My Precious” in a Creepy Gollum Voice

For my mother, who may not understand the Lord of the Rings reference, I have the following You Tube clip.  The creepy guy is Gollum.


10. My baby blanket – not Baby’s blanket – Mine.  The one my mother made for me.  Yes, I still have it.

9. Little Miss (Don’t tell Gwennie)

8. Gwennie

7. My cell phone – it used to be my precious until it stopped finding a signal.  Then it became my piece of shit.

6.  My collection of Meade Composition notebooks

5. My iPod

4. My iPad

3.  My Keurig

2.  Coffee for the Keurig

1.  My baby (What kind of mother would I be if he wasn’t first on the list?)

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