A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Wanna-Be Author or Will-Be Author: Which one are you?

What is the difference between a wanna-be author and a will-be author?

Well I’m glad you asked (it would have been an uneventful post otherwise).  Up until November 1, 2012 I was a wanna-be author.  For almost three years I sort-of-kind-of, messed around with the idea of not really writing a book; at least that’s what I told people whenever the topic came up.  But even though I said it, I don’t think I really understood just how much of a wanna-be I was.  (For the record I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a wanna-be anything especially since I was).

Back during my glory wanna-be author days, I’d sit down for a few hours here and there and write something.  Over the course of the next year I’d spend a lot of time thinking about how I should write more.  Scenes would pop into my head and I’d scramble to write them down in my notebook.  If I was feeling really motivated, I would transfer them from my notebook into the computer – but even that act could take days to occur.

Then there’s self-promotion (Ha!).  In every book that’s been written recently, self-promotion through social media is a nail hammered repeatedly.  The experts strongly recommend if you want to see your novel published you need a platform; specifically, a blog.  Since 2008 I’ve had four blogs.  Yes, that’s right – four blogs.  With every single one of them I set out to become famous.  I was going to be the next Julie Powell (author of The Julie/Julia Project). My writing talents would far surpass any blog out there and publishers were going to beat each other over the heads with a giant Thesaurus – all for the opportunity to sign me first. (That didn’t work out so well. Shocker!)

Blogs are a lot like dieting (at least for me, anyway).  I start out with good intentions and a decent regimen.  Then I’m distracted by pretty colors, discouraged by a lack of page views and no followers, and at my wits end with topics to blog on.  My first blog was about my job working in a morgue.  I really regret giving that one up. (I don’t work in that field anymore so it made sense to stop.)  My second blog….well hell I don’t even remember what my second blog was about.  My third blog was about the comical side of dieting with the occasional slip-ups.  I stopped writing it when I realized I was always slipping up.

July of this year I tried again with number four (Snarky Sentiments of a Stay-At-Home Mom). I’m proud to say I’ve been going strong with that blog and now I’ve added this blog to the list – number five.  My dedication to these blogs were just the beginning.

November was the National Novel Writing Month and with the encouragement and support of my family, friends and writing group I put an end to sort-of-kind-of-not-really-writing my book.  On November 1, 2012, I sat down and began writing my novel and I’m proud to say that I continue working on it everyday. I’m 118 pages into it (single-spaced, Time New Roman 12 – just in case you wondered.)

On November 1st, I went from being a wanna-be author to a will-be author.  In addition to my two blogs I’ve also set up a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, a tumblr account (still trying to figure out what exactly tumblr is, but hey, it’s free!).  I also have a Google+ account and I’ve registered my blogs through Technorati, Bloggers.com, Bloggy Moms and a few other websites.  One of these days I’ll probably also set up a MySpace page – but not right now.  I have my hands full with the above-listed social media sites.

I work on my novel and two blogs for the most part, everyday.  Sometimes I can’t do either because of really annoying adult responsibilities but more often than not, I write everyday.  With the help of the free above-listed social media sites, the Internet and my husband who works hard so we can afford the Internet, I continue to look for an audience so I can show publishers and agents their time and money won’t be wasted.

For three years I was a wanna-be author, now I’m a will-be author.  This is my story.  Now it’s your turn.  Will-be author or wanna-be author; which one are you?

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