A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Writer’s Digest Competition – Part 3

I have six days left to finish my story and get it in the mail.  With all of the inspirational ups I’ve had, there have also been a number of downs.  Right now, I’m in the middle of one of those downs.  If my story was a tree, then I have all of the branches but no trunk.  Where is the trunk?  What is the trunk?  I can see the trunk in my head but as soon as I start writing, the trunk magically disappears into a far off place I refer to as “the anywhere but in my head or on my paper” place.  Self-doubt is sinking back in and I’m running out of time.

Dear Trunk,

Where are you?  Why do you run from me?  You’re so pretty.  All I want to do is put you on paper so everyone can see.  Please, please, please cooperate.  I have a deadline.


Writer with a big, brick block.

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  1. The trunk usually holds the branches. Think of what started the branches to even grow…it is there. My son was just having the same problem with the simple concept of writing why it would be "cool" to be a hurricane hunter. He had all the branches…the details, the things they do, etc…he just needed to give me the overarching….solid foundation. Suddenly, he said, "well, without the hurricane hunter, no one knows how fast the hurricane is moving or where it is heading." Be the hurricane hunter…..dive into the middle of the storm (the details you have) and measure the storm. Wrap it up and get her done…..people are waiting for the results!

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