Ron Howard’s Email Has Indigestion!!!

Rude much!!!  Maybe for Christmas I’ll send Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg some Pepto Bismol to give to their email accounts. Anyway, in my desperate attempt to get my friend, Amanda, recognized for her extraordinary debut release, Bewildered (now being considered for a Newbery Book Award).  I sent Ellen Degeneres an email asking her to invite Amanda onto her show. […]

Steven Spielberg’s Email Has Indigestion

Last night I posted on Facebook I was going to send Steven Spielberg and email regarding Bewildered by A. B. Harms.  This morning I spent about an hour composing the email.  To my great disappointment, the second I sent it to his Dreamworks address, it was kicked back to me.  Rude! Sigh….So I emailed Ron Howard instead.  But Allison, where […]

My Review of Bewildered by A.B. Harms

Bewildered by A.B. Harms My rating: 5 of 5 stars Bewildered, by A.B. Harms tells the tale of Prudence Parks, a young girl who doesn’t have time for nonsense. Thrown out the world she knew and into a new land, Prudence is forced to come face to face with strange creatures, talking dolls, and doppelgangers. Only by embracing her imagination […]

Darcy Walker: The Girl with No Shame

No Brainer by A.J. LapeMy rating: 5 of 5 stars WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!! Darcy Walker is a 15 year-old girl obsessed with trouble. Danger is her crack addiction. What’s worse than seeking out an untimely death? In Darcy’s case it’s her mouth. She says the most outrageous things at the worst possible moments. Here’s an example: With a gun to […]

Darcy Walker – A bad influence to anyone on Weight Watchers

Grade A Stupid by A.J. LapeMy rating: 5 of 5 stars Darcy Walker! You’re my hero!!! Finally a female protagonist who actually eats…and not just an apple slice and a few lettuce leaves. While every other female protagonist out there is a skinny health food fanatic, Darcy Walker is gobbling down corn dogs and chocolate milk like there is no […]

Restless – Book 3 of the King Series – My Review

RESTLESS by Tawdra KandleMy rating: 5 of 5 stars ****Warning! Contains Spoilers!**** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Dear Tasmyn, I told you over and over again during the last book to stay in bed. Did you listen? No! How’d that work out for you? I’ll tell you how it went. Bad! Very, […]

Breathless – Book 2 of the King Series – My Review

Breathless by Tawdra KandleMy rating: 3 of 5 stars ****Warning! Contains Spoilers!***** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Tasmyn Vaughn’s senior year in high school is far from typical but that may be because she, herself, is not a typical girl. The only thing normal about her senior year is her longing to be with her […]

Fearless by Tawdra Kandle – My Book Review

Fearless by Tawdra KandleMy rating: 3 of 5 stars I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review. Did you love the Twilight Series? Were you left feeling a void when Edward and Bella’s Saga ended? Well, you’re in luck because this series is just for you. It has a Twilight feel to it -minus the sparkly vampires and […]

From Rising Flames – A Letter to Rhiannon (A Character Created by Jamie McHenry)

***SPOILER ALERT – IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK YET DON’T READ THIS**** Dear Rhiannon, In the first book, On Fallen Wings, the author had your fiance murdered, forced you to steal scrolls and then had you kicked out of the Fae. Now in the second book, From Rising Flames, that same author had your house burned down, got you kidnapped, forced […]

From Rising Flames – By Jamie McHenry – Review

After completing On Fallen Wings I was forced to wait days, weeks, months and years before I could read the sequel From Rising Flames.  Okay.  Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.  It was probably closer to one month. But it felt like forever. From Rising Flames is a thrilling continuation of Rhiannon’s story.  I spent most of the book, clinging to […]