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My Review of Bewildered by A.B. Harms

Bewildered (A Bewilderness Tale, #1)Bewildered by A.B. Harms

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Bewildered, by A.B. Harms tells the tale of Prudence Parks, a young girl who doesn’t have time for nonsense. Thrown out the world she knew and into a new land, Prudence is forced to come face to face with strange creatures, talking dolls, and doppelgangers. Only by embracing her imagination will she survive. It is through her search for a way home that she finally learns “Life is not about beating the odds….It’s about being strong despite the odds.”

Filled with stunning imagery and endless adventures, A.B. Harms does an incredible job of driving her audience deep into Bewildered. There are only two flaws I’ve found with this book. First, it’s not a major motion picture. Second, the next book in the series hasn’t been released yet.

Dear Ms. Harms,

While the production of a major motion picture might be out of your control, getting the next book published is. So please, for the love of sweet potatoes and oregano, GET ON IT!!!


Someone who now has to find something else to read in the mean time.

Now a message from Gwennie:


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