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A. Marie Silver

Darcy Walker: The Girl with No Shame

No Brainer (The Darcy Walker Series, #2)No Brainer by A.J. Lape
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Darcy Walker is a 15 year-old girl obsessed with trouble. Danger is her crack addiction. What’s worse than seeking out an untimely death? In Darcy’s case it’s her mouth. She says the most outrageous things at the worst possible moments. Here’s an example: With a gun to her head, this girl tried initiating a mobster into her “brotherhood”. She even gave him the secret handshake.

No Brainer by AJ Lape is another wild, hilarious ride in the Darcy Walker Series, sure to leave its readers gasping for air and yearning for more.

A Letter to the author:

Dear A.J. Lape,

A Cliffhanger! Seriously! And what’s with this whole waiting until Fall of 2013 thing for the next release? Fall of 2013 is three months away…..at least! That’s just mean.


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