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A. Marie Silver

Steven Spielberg’s Email Has Indigestion

Photo by A. Marie Silver
Photo by A. Marie Silver

Last night I posted on Facebook I was going to send Steven Spielberg and email regarding Bewildered by A. B. Harms.  This morning I spent about an hour composing the email.  To my great disappointment, the second I sent it to his Dreamworks address, it was kicked back to me.  Rude!

Sigh….So I emailed Ron Howard instead.  But Allison, where are you getting these email addresses?  Google – it’s a fantastic source of information.

Here is the email I sent Mr. Ron Howard.  So far, it hasn’t been kicked back yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

Dear Mr. Howard, Mr. Howard’s assistant, or more likely – Mr. Howard’s spam folder,
I was going to write a less formal introduction and put, “Yo Ronnie,” but I promised my friend Liz I would keep this professional.  lf I live up to it, I’ll be impressed.
Have you read Bewildered by A.B. Harms?  No?  Why not?  It’s a fantastic middle grade fantasy about Prudence Parks, a young girl with no time for nonsense, fairy tales or friends. A horrific tragedy puts her on a train that spits her out into the middle of Bewildered.  Pirates, talking dolls, doppelgangers, and robotic bugs (Oh My!!!!) lead Prudence on a quest to find her way home.  At the end of the story Prudence learns many valuable lessons, one of which is: “Life is not about beating the odds….It’s about being strong despite the odds.”
So, in conclusion, you need to read this book and turn it into a major motion picture.  Why?  Why not?  This book will make an excellent movie and anyone who is a fan of Willow will absolutely love it.  
Speaking of which,
Please be on the look out for Murder at the Primrose Inn by LeeAnn Rhoden.  It’s an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery centering around Walter Martin, a crotchety private investigator with a seedy past who’s asked to investigate the death of a wealthy patriarch.  In doing so, he’s forced to match wits against an elite European family and a super-sexy seductress under their employ to find out who the killer is.  I’ll give you hint; it definitely wasn’t the butler.
As soon as the book is published, I’ll send you another email.
I’d love to stay and chat with the rest of the emails in your spam folder but my almost two-year old is taking apart the blender again.  
Gotta run!
Allison Silver


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