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A. Marie Silver

Ron Howard’s Email Has Indigestion!!!

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Rude much!!!  Maybe for Christmas I’ll send Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg some Pepto Bismol to give to their email accounts.

Anyway, in my desperate attempt to get my friend, Amanda, recognized for her extraordinary debut release, Bewildered (now being considered for a Newbery Book Award).  I sent Ellen Degeneres an email asking her to invite Amanda onto her show.  I’m fairly certain this email will go through because I clicked the link on Ellen’s website.  Now the question remains:  Will she see it?

Below is the actual email I sent Ellen.

Dear Ellen, Ellen’s assistance or Ellen’s spam box,

My friend A.B Harms has recently self-published her first middle grade novel, Bewildered. Bewildered tells the tale of Prudence Parks, a young girl with no time for nonsense, fairy tales or friends. A horrific tragedy puts her on a train that spits her out into the middle of Bewildered. Pirates, talking dolls, doppelgangers, and robotic bugs (Oh My!!!!) lead Prudence on a quest to find her way home. At the end of the story Prudence learns many valuable lessons, one of which is: “Life is not about beating the odds….It’s about being strong despite the odds.”

Bewildered is now being considered for a Newbery Book Award.

I tried emailing Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard to tell them they need to make this a motion picture but their email addresses apparently have indigestion. Rude!

Please, please, please invite A.B. Harms to your show so the world will know how fantastic she and her book are. Maybe then Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard will turn her book into a movie.

I’d love to stay and chat with all the “enlargement” ads in your spam box but I have to get going. My almost two-year old is emptying all the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher.

Here is A.B. Harms’s website: http://abharmsbooks.blogspot.com/

Until we meet again at 4 P.M. (Because that’s what time your show airs in Augusta – I don’t want you to think I’m stalking you.)

Allison Silver

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