My Ghostly Encounter at the Sorrel Weed House

Courtyard of the Sorrel Weed House This experience definitely tops all the times I played Bloody Mary in the bathroom or even the time I thought someone whispered “Choya” in my ear while I was staying at the very haunted St. James Hotel in New Mexico.  I honestly think I was just imagining it.  Of all the crazy things a […]

The Sorrel Weed House

Courtyard of the Sorrel Weed house The second night in Savannah, Sheri and I took another haunted tour, this time of the Sorrel Weed House.  From the second we walked into the courtyard I had the creeps.  I have never been more jumpy or nervous in my life. But, before I get to the good stuff there’s a little history […]

Moon River Brewery – Part 2

After a quick rest at the hotel, Sheri and I began walking over to Johnson square to meet our tour guide.  It was dark out and a little chilly which added to overall creepiness of Savannah. Our tour guide was absolutely fabulous!  He started the tour by giving a few fun and dismal facts about Savannah.  For example,  the historic […]

My trip to the Moon River Brewing Company – Part 1

This past weekend I went to Savannah, Georgia with my sister-in-law, Sheri, and of the many things we did, ghost-hunting was among the most exciting.  Our first of two haunted tours was the Moon River Brewing Company.  Here’s a little tip – if you want to take a haunted tour go on a Sunday or Monday night.  Odds are good you […]

The Stupid in Ghost Hunting….

It started like this – a concerned phone call from my mother; worried that while I was off visiting haunted sites I might bring something back with me…..a paranormal visitor of sorts.  Anyone who watches Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, A Haunted, etc., has heard the stories of how spirits attached themselves to a member of the living community and made […]

The Moon River Brewing Company

From In just over a week, my sister-in-law and I will be on our way to Savannah for a much needed girls weekend.  I can’t wait!  While I don’t know our entire itinerary – don’t tell Clark Griswold – I’ll never hear the end of it – I can tell you about one stop we’ll be making; the Moon […]

Planning a Spooky Savannah Getaway!!!

December is bringing more than just Christmas.  Next month my sister-in-law and I will be celebrating strange and mysterious bumps in the night (sounds other than me bumping into walls or doors because I don’t remember where I am).  What better place to look for spooks than Savannah, Georgia, reportedly the most haunted city in America? Yes that’s right – […]

Bonaventure Cemetery

It was a dark and stormy Friday        It was a dreary and depressing day in SavannahSpooky voices emerged from behind the tombstonesOh who am I kidding anyway.  Once upon a time it was a gorgeous, sunny day in Savannah.  My husband and I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by taking the baby on  a stroll through the Bonaventure Cemetery. […]

Our Day Trip to the Augusta Riverwalk

A random conversation between my husband and I as we were driving there. Me:  So what river is this along? Him:  The Savannah.  When we look across we’ll see South Carolina.  But, it’ll probably look just like Georgia. Me:  Well that’s disappointing.  I was hoping when I looked across there would be bright, Las Vegas style signs with flashing lights […]