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A. Marie Silver

My trip to the Moon River Brewing Company – Part 1

This past weekend I went to Savannah, Georgia with my sister-in-law, Sheri, and of the many things we did, ghost-hunting was among the most exciting. 

Our first of two haunted tours was the Moon River Brewing Company.  Here’s a little tip – if you want to take a haunted tour go on a Sunday or Monday night.  Odds are good you and your friends will be the only ones in attendance.  Our tour of the brewery was on Sunday and there were five people in attendance, including the two of us and our tour guide.

We arrived in Savannah early in the afternoon and even though our tour was scheduled for that evening, decided to have some lunch at the Brewery.

If you stop by and you’re not allergic to seafood, I HIGHLY recommend the fried green tomatoes with the lump crab meat.  Sooooo good!

But hey!  What’s the point of going to a brewery if don’t have a beer……or nine.  The picture on the right is the restaurant’s sampler of their craft beer.  It has a specific name but I can’t remember…..apparently I had too much beer. 🙂

The sampler has nine draft beers in 4 oz glasses.  It’s plenty of beer to share between two people and that’s what we did.

I asked our server, while we were drinking away, if they ever let people go upstairs (that’s where it’s really haunted).  He told me that the only guests allowed up there are those taking a haunted tour.

“But,” he said. “We do let our guests go downstairs and look around.  You both are welcome to go check it out and stay down there for as long as you like.”

“Well that’s just sad and unfortunate,” I said to Sheri.  “If we’re allowed to go down there that means nothing really exciting happens down there.” If you’ve seen the episode of Ghost Adventures where they went to this Brewery then you know I’m an idiot for thinking nothing ever happens down there.

So…..did we go down there after lunch?  Absolutely!  Why not get a preview of what we’d see later that night? Are you ready?  Here we go!

 These are some overall photographs of the basement which is used for banquets and parties.  It’s a nice setup and I felt really comfortable down there. I didn’t have the creeps or willies at all while I was in this basement.

 I also didn’t see any freaky shadow figures and didn’t feel like I was being followed or watched.  As I walked around taking photos I thought to myself, “There is absolutely nothing paranormal about this basement.”  Fun random fact: As I was typing the previous sentence the top of my head – and only the very top of my head- felt really cold and it felt like my hairs were standing straight up.  Usually when this happens my cat is standing guard in the room with me and I feel safer.  She’s not in here right now.  That disturbs me.  Be right back.

 Okay.  My cat has now been relocated from the couch to the guest room with me.  Moving along!

When we got back to the hotel room I looked through all of the photos I took and did not find any orbs or anything else strange that I couldn’t explain.

See – right now the very top of my head feels really cold.  Like someone is holding a freezer above my head and has the door to it open. 

My cat is apparently unfazed by this. 
Dear Ghost, if you’re standing behind  me making my head cold, QUIT!  I’m trying to work on my blog.  I appreciate the paranormal inspiration but it’s distracting.

Anyway, despite my disappointment these photos were only the beginning of a very interesting night.

Stay tuned!  It gets better – I promise!

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