A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

The Stupid in Ghost Hunting….

It started like this – a concerned phone call from my mother; worried that while I was off visiting haunted sites I might bring something back with me…..a paranormal visitor of sorts.  Anyone who watches Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, A Haunted, etc., has heard the stories of how spirits attached themselves to a member of the living community and made themselves at home in a previously un-haunted home.  Sometimes these spirits are harmless but of course, the stories everyone hears about are the spirits who aren’t so harmless.

I told my mother I really wasn’t worried about any of this but that didn’t stop her from sending me a few links that are now responsible for this post.

The first link was a list of accounts written by people who were “followed” home.  The website I pulled this information from is Dangers of the Paranormal.

Kristie, an investigator with Show Me Paranormal Investigations was one individual who contributed a testimonial.  She stated, “When you pointedly seek [spirits] out, they will seek you out in return.  When you welcome them to interact with you they may end up interacting with you more then what you intended.”

Well that’s just lovely!  I’m going to the Moon River Brewing Company in less than a week and now there’s a possibility I’ll be bringing a freaky-deaky spirit back with me.  Or will I? Is there something I can do to protect myself and my sister-in-law from attracting unwanted attention?

As a matter of fact there is….and I found the information on the Internet.  If it’s on the Internet it must be true!  (Giggle. Giggle)

The second link my mother sent me was a PDF file written by Patricia Davisson.  The title is A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Effective Protection Practices

Ms. Davisson took the time to list a number of symptoms individuals experiencing unwanted spiritual attention may suffer from. Unfortunately if you look at the list it covers symptoms people suffering from psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and depression will also experience: and let’s not forget people tripping on LSD or other drugs.  They’re going to experience these symptoms as well.

Fortunately, Ms. Davisson encourages all of her readers suffering from those symptoms to seek out medical help first and suspect a spiritual attachment second.

Then she suggests that individuals most likely to have a spirit follow them home are those that are “…in a state of physical, mental or spiritual stress.”  Who doesn’t suffer from one or more of those conditions?

It was her recommendation that using talismans, such as a religious symbol, would make an excellent weapon against unwanted spiritual attention.

A talisman?  Okay. Honestly, I’m really not worried about having anything follow me home from this trip.  It’s not a concern.  But since my mother’s worried I dug a little deeper and researched a few items I have on hand that I can use for protection.

The first thing I researched was my diamond engagement ring. I’m always wearing it and it made me wonder if there were any protective qualities in diamonds.  They are, after all, a girl’s best friend.
According to the website, www.shimmerlings.com, diamonds do have protective qualities.  It is also known to increase confidence and independence, and strengthen the mind and spirit.  Looks like I just found my first talisman.  I have two more.

Amethyst quartz is also know for it’s protective qualities; or at least that’s what I read on www.shimmerling.com  Let’s hope it’s better at protection than it is at warding off inebriation (another characteristic it’s supposed to prevent.) I can personally say that as far as warding off inebriation goes – it doesn’t work.  I held it in one hand and used the other to polish off a bottle of wine.  Not only did I get drunk but I woke up with one hell of a hangover.  Maybe I should reread that part again.  Food for thought.

Amethyst is also supposed to attract justice, and protect people from burglars and a violent death.  It’s also supposed to develop psychic abilities.  I find this most interesting because the heroine of my Paramedy (paranormal comedy) is named Amethyst – and, she’s a psychic.  (I didn’t know this at the time I picked her name.  I picked that name for her because purple is my favorite color.)

My third talisman is the pretty little baggy in the picture.  In one of my earlier blog postings; The Magic of Herbs I listed a number of herbs known for their protective qualities.  The little baggy I used I found at Joann Fabrics in the bridal section.  Some of these herbs I didn’t have on hand so I took a look at what I did and found herbs I could use.  The herbs in this bag are: Bay leaves, Fennel, Marjoram, Caraway and Rosemary.  I also put salt in because I heard through the grapevine that it’s supposed to be good for protection but I found out the hard way that salt doesn’t work well in these bags.  It goes right through it.

Now the question remains: Will I attract unwanted spiritual attention because I’m carrying these talismans? Based on the cursory glance I took on Google, it doesn’t look like it will.  But even if it does, I’m on it.

In the event that a spirit or demon tries to attack me I’ll throw my piece of quartz at it, rendering it unconscious and then I’ll drag said demon over to a large pot of boiling water, toss in my little baggy of herbs and serve up spectral soup for dinner.  Oh yeah!  I’ve got this!!!

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  1. Well thought out and I know you are prepared. Too bad warding off spirits from attaching to you isn't as easy as warding off men.

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