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A. Marie Silver

The Moon River Brewing Company

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In just over a week, my sister-in-law and I will be on our way to Savannah for a much needed girls weekend.  I can’t wait! 

While I don’t know our entire itinerary – don’t tell Clark Griswold – I’ll never hear the end of it – I can tell you about one stop we’ll be making; the Moon River Brewing Company  The first thing you need to know about the Moon River Brewing Company is that they have beer! Lots and lots of beer!!!!  The second thing you need to know about the Brewery is that, like most of Savannah, they have a very special history – a haunted history to be specific.

Per Wikipedia (a website I don’t how I ever lived with out) as well as my general knowledge from various television premieres, the Moon River Brewing Company was first featured in 2005 on Ghost Hunters and then again in 2009 on Ghost Adventures. 

I saw the episode on Ghost Adventures (thank you Netflix!). It was Season 2, Episode 7, just in case you’re curious.  Can you say Freaky???  Apparently just about every regular bar patron has had an experience there!  Wow!!!

Since the whole point of this getaway was to do something freaky, entertaining and slightly stupid with out any dire consequences as a result; my sister-in-law and I decided to go on a ghost hunting tour and wouldn’t you know, there’s a tour group in Savannah that will take you into the brewery.  Emphasis on into!  And when I say into I don’t mean that we take two steps inside and then turn around and leave.  Oh NO!  They promised to take us into one of the restricted areas of the restaurant. 

***Random fact – as I was typing this I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a dark shadow figure standing in the doorway of the room.  My husband really needs to learn:  a) not to sneak up on me when I’m writing about spooky stuff and b) to wear brightly colored clothing so I know it’s him sneaking up on me and a ghost.  Just saying!

FYI – there are a couple of tour groups that can take you into the Moon River Brewing Company.  The first one I called wasn’t able too, however, the gentleman I spoke with was very nice and very willing to help me out.  He referred me to the Savannah Ghost Walks tour group.  When I contacted them, the person I spoke with also extremely helpful and took my reservation information.  I have to say I think it’s great that all of these people are so helpful when it comes to hooking the tourists up with dead people – I mean ghosts. 

Anyway, it’s all set!  Our first night in Savannah we will be visiting the Moon River Brewing Company!  I can’t wait!  (Cue the teeny-bopper squeal of joy)

***Go figure – the second I typed squeal my baby woke up squealing/screaming from his nap.  Oh the joys of parenthood.

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