A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Planning a Spooky Savannah Getaway!!!

December is bringing more than just Christmas.  Next month my sister-in-law and I will be celebrating strange and mysterious bumps in the night (sounds other than me bumping into walls or doors because I don’t remember where I am).  What better place to look for spooks than Savannah, Georgia, reportedly the most haunted city in America?

Yes that’s right – and thank you LivingSocial (not an advertisement, I promise) for sending out a deal on a two night stay at the very fabulous Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn located at Chatham Square with in walking distance of Forsythe Park.

Once our reservations were confirmed I began digging through the Internet, looking on information about this Inn.  Is it haunted?  What kind of creepiness has been reported there?  Will my own reflection scare me? Forget that last question.  I already know the answer.  It most definitely does scare me.  Anyway, I couldn’t find anything about that specific Inn so I called Inn to find out more.  I’d like to thank the very nice and patient woman who answered the phone, for not laughing at me, hanging up on me or calling me crazy.  To her knowledge, it appears that, while some customers have claimed “experiences” nothing has ever been substantiated as paranormal or gained any media attention.  This information was both a relief and a disappointment.  I was disappointed because I was hoping to have juicy, round-the-clock details to report back on but I was also relieved because the suite we are staying in has separate bedrooms and I was a little nervous about sleeping in a room, by myself – especially if the room is located in a haunted setting.

Random fact:  At this moment I can feel a very cold and tingling sensation crawling up my left thigh.  Since my guard cat, Gwennie, is past out cold on the bed behind me, I’m not going to worry about it or jump to any paranormal conclusions for now.

But alas – the fun is only beginning.  There is much planning to do.  Both of us are looking forward to some ghost hunting activities.  We’ve both done the haunted history walking tours and now we feel ready to move up the ladder toward a freakier encounter. So over the course of the next week or so, I’ll be researching the different types of tours available for ghost hunting.  My focus will be any tour that takes us through the Moon River Brewing Company – one of Savannah’s most haunted sites. I can’t wait!!!

Stay tuned fellow followers – more details about our future trip will be posted.

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