A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Moon River Brewery – Part 2

After a quick rest at the hotel, Sheri and I began walking over to Johnson square to meet our tour guide.  It was dark out and a little chilly which added to overall creepiness of Savannah.

Our tour guide was absolutely fabulous!  He started the tour by giving a few fun and dismal facts about Savannah.  For example,  the historic district of Savannah is lying over desecrated graves belonging to Native Americans, African Americans, victims of the three yellow fever epidemics – and those who died by accident or from murder.  Tread lightly when you’re walking on the streets – because you’re probably walking on top of someone.

The brewery was the highlight of the tour and our first stop inside was the second floor. 

As we walked up the stairs this was the first room we saw.  Before the building was purchased as a brewery it was used as a hotel.  The second and third floors have not been renovated at all since the purchase of the building.  The previous owners of the building tried to renovate these two floors.  Apparently there was a minor territorial dispute between the living and the dead and some of the workers on the second floor were shoved down stairs and off ladders. That basically ended any renovation.  The second floor is used to store supplies for the brewery and there is also an office where members of the staff come to work (not pictured but it would be through the door on the right).  When I first saw the office I almost jumped out of my skin.  The office chair was moving back & forth very quickly.  As I approached it, I saw it was occupied by a manager and not a ghost.  I felt relieved and a little silly all at the same.

Despite my jumpiness – I felt perfectly comfortable on the second floor.  Once again I did not have any freaky feelings and I didn’t see any shadow figures or feel any cold spots.

 These are some additional overall photos of the second floor. 

I made it a habit to photograph all of the windows just in case I might capture anything.

We weren’t allowed on the third floor so I did my best to photograph what I could see from the bottom of the stairs.

Sadly, I didn’t capture anything in any of these rooms.  But…..keep scrolling……


It might be hard to see in these photos but if you look carefully in between the watermarks I did capture ORBS!!!  These photos were taken through a window connected to an exterior landing on the second floor.


 Big Orb, upper left side of the photo. You can’t miss it.

The interesting thing about this area was that there was a moment in time when my brand new camera locked up on me.  This happened at the exact moment Sheri photographed an orb moving between the two buildings.  Frustrated, I yanked the battery out of the camera, put it back in which fixed the problem.  Then I shouted into this area, “RUDE!”  Because of course, yelling at ghost is really going to fix the problem.

 Once again I took more photos of the windows.

 In this photo there are two beams.  The one closest to your point of view was used for hanging slaves.  Pay very close attention to this photo and the next one. 

Notice the lack of orbs!

When we were done with the second floor, our tour guide told us that if we wanted to spend more time up here all we had to do was come back to the brewery during the day, tell them we had been on this tour and ask if someone would take us upstairs.

Then we went back into the basement.  I took more pictures but there wasn’t anything revealing in any of them.  We did however learn that slaves were brought into this basement and housed temporarily until their later purchase.

The slave ships arrived at night so prospective buyers couldn’t see the product (apparently three months on a ship, being starved isn’t an appealing sight.)

Our tour guide also warned us if we ever came back into the basement to be careful.  He said he had to come down there once or twice to recover his customers.  If you remember from my last blog that basement wasn’t big at all.  So I asked, “How would someone get lost down here?” He told me that sometimes things happen and people get nauseated and disoriented while they are in the basement and don’t know how to find their way out.  I wish I’d known that before Sheri and I went down there the first time.

On our way back to the hotel, Sheri told me while she was down there, the second time, she had started to feel nauseated.  I guess it’s a good thing we were all in a group.

So….is that it?  Hardly.  Sheri and I returned to the Moon River Brewery the next day for another round of experiences. 

To be continued……

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