A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Fifty Shades Freed (Chapters 16-23)

Chapter 16

Ana’s security person, Ms. Prescott, informs her that Leila is on a list of people forbidden to meet with Ana.  Ana’s assistant didn’t know that and also didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to tell Ana that Leila was there.  Ms. Prescott also informs Ana that Mr. Grey really doesn’t want Ana meeting with Leila.  But Ana is curious and she’s never listened to Mr. Grey before so why start now.

Ana arranges to have Leila and Leila’s guest escorted to the meeting room where Ms. Prescott will search both of them.  Ms. Prescott will also stay in the room during the meeting.  Ana sends Mr. Grey an email advising that Leila is there, she’s going to meet with her, tells him not to worry (Yeah!  Right!) Kiss. Kiss. Have a nice day.  Then she puts her cell phone in her desk drawer so she won’t hear it ring before she has a chance to get out of her office.

The woman accompanying Leila is also an ex-sub of Mr. Grey.  Oh boy!  It’s a reunion!

During the meeting, Mr. Grey tries repeatedly to reach Ana at the office but she refuses to take any of his calls.  Mr. Grey then calls Ms. Prescott who hands Ana the phone.  Ana speaks with him briefly, ignoring his instructions and ultimately, she hangs up on him.

I think we all know where this is going.

Later that night they’ll fight, have angry sex and I’ll write; Turn page. Turn page.

Continuing on:

Leila apologizes to Ana for trying to kill her.  Lovely girl!  She then thanks Ana for not pressing charges and then asks Ana for permission to see Mr. Grey.

Ana tells Leila that’s entirely up to Mr. Grey.  Leila tells Ana that he has been refusing to see her.

I’d call that a hint.

Mr. Grey bursts into the meeting, fires Ms. Prescott (harsh!) and then threatens Leila.  Apparently he’s been paying her medical bills, her therapy bills and he’s also been paying for her to attend art school.  (All that for someone who tried to kill his girlfriend.  Maybe I should try to kill her.  Then he can pay off my MasterCard.)

Anyway, he tells Leila that if she ever goes any where near Ana again he’ll cut her off financially.  Leila and her friend leave.  Ana and Grey fight in the meeting room over his behavior and how he treated Leila.

Grey asks Ana to leave early for the day and go home with him.

And guess what?

They’re back at home having angry sex.

(Sigh) Turn page. Turn page.

Then they have dinner.

A few days go by and Ana is reviewing some emails from Mr. Grey.  The phone rings and it’s Jose’s father calling to tell Ana that her dad has been seriously injured.

Chapter 17

Ray (her dad) has been in a car accident in Portland.  Jose’s dad was driving the car when it was struck by a drunk driver.

Ana heads to the hospital and leaves a frantic message for Mr. Grey en route.

He returns her call telling her that he’ll be there as soon as he can.  He has to fly to Portland on business and he’s taking his helicopter.

She’s worried he’ll die in a crash.  (Oh for the love or rice cakes!)

She arrives at the hospital and is greeted by Jose who was also in the car.  The drunk driver struck the passenger side where Ray was sitting.  He’s in surgery.

Mr. Grey arrives at the hospital a while later.  There is no word on her father’s condition yet.

A short while later the doctor enters the room and tells Ana that Ray is stable but critical and currently in a medically induced coma.  Jose and his dad go home.

Ana and Mr. Grey visit Ray in the ICU and then check into a local hotel.

At the hotel they briefly discuss Ana’s birthday which is the next day.  She doesn’t feel like celebrating.

They go to bed.

Chapter 18

Ana wakes up alarmed because she doesn’t know how her father is doing.

Grey relieves her anxiety by telling her that he called the ICU and Ray is doing good.  Then he gives her a charm bracelet for her birthday.

She gets all sappy and sentimental about the bracelet.  Then they have breakfast.

Turn page.

They wait for Taylor to come around with the car.  Surprise!  He’s driving a brand new Audi R8 just like the one Mr. Grey has.  Gee!  I wonder who that’s for?

Oh look!  It’s for Ana.  He bought her a car for her birthday.

Turn page.

At the hospital –

Ray’s condition is the same.  Ana contemplates calling her mother to tell her about Ray.  Then she realizes that her mother has yet to call her on her birthday.  Ana tries calling her but her call is forwarded to voicemail.

I smell a surprise birthday party in the mix.  It’s a nauseating smell.  But it’s there.

Turn page. Turn page.

They leave the hospital to get some lunch.  Return to the hospital for a short while and then Mr. Grey insists they leave for dinner.

He tells Ana he arranged for them to have a private room in the hotel’s restaurant.

Oh yeah.  He’s got a surprise party planned and her mom, along with a bunch of other people are going to be there.

They get dressed for dinner and before they get to the private room, Ana hears:


Sure enough, her mother, Kate, Ethan and Mr. Grey’s family are all there.

Turn page.

Everyone is having a good time.

Turn page. Turn page.

The next morning everyone is having breakfast together and Ana opens her presents.

Turn page.

Ray no longer needs to be in a medically induced coma and he is taken off the ventilator.

Ana reads the sports page to him.

Rey wakes up.

Chapter 19

Mr. Grey wants to have Ray transferred to Seattle so he and Ana can go home.  Rey doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

Ana and Mr. Grey go back to the hotel.  They have dinner.

The have dessert (I think we all know the flavor).

Turn page. Turn page.

Mr. Grey requests a second round of dessert.

Turn page. Turn page.

The next morning the detective assigned to Jack Hyde’s case arrives in Portland to interview Ana.

Turn page. Turn page.

Jack is accusing Ana of lewd behavior.  Apparently she was making advances at him so she could have him fired and take over his job.  Skanky Bitch!  Oh wait….that’s not actually what happened.  Never mind.

Turn page. Turn page.

Ana is at the hospital getting Ray settled when her OB calls to tell her that she’s late getting the Depo shot.

Ana meets with her OB and takes a pregnancy test.

She’s pregnant!

I didn’t see that one coming.  Neither did Ana.

Chapter 20

Ana freaks out because she’s not ready for a baby.

An ultrasound confirms the pregnancy.  Her doctor gives her vitamins and some reading material on the Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy.

She’s in shock and worried what Mr. Grey will say.

She’s worried that he’ll be disgusted at the sight of her future baby bump.

When she returns to work she inquires with her assistant about the missed appointments for her shot.  Her assistant tells her that she cancelled every appointment because Ana wasn’t available to go.


Turn page. Turn page.

She’s at home with Mr. Grey, who can sense something is wrong, trying to figure out how to tell him she’s pregnant.

How about this:  “Hey, you know how you are always scolding me about not paying attention to my birth control?  Well guess what I found out today?”

Finally she comes right out with it.  “I’m pregnant”

He asks her how that happened.

She’s a little confused by that response.

Then he acts like a complete jerk by screaming at her and blaming her for getting pregnant.  He actually accuses her of getting pregnant on purpose.

Yes that’s exactly what happened.  She got pregnant so he would marry her and she could have all his money.  Oh wait!  They are already married and she already has his money.

She apologizes for the bad timing.

His reply:

“We’ve known each other five fucking minutes.”

That didn’t stop him from marrying her.  Dumb ass!

He continues to scream at her.

I think this is the first time in this trilogy that I feel sorry for her.

He storms out of the apartment.

Turn page. Turn page.

A few hours later he stumbles in, drunker than a skunk.

As she is helping him to bed his cell phone drops on the floor.  When she picks it up she sees a text message to him from Mrs. Robinson (oops!) telling him he’ll be a great dad. Double oops!

Chapter 21

Ana freaks out and goes into full drama queen mode. (Actually that’s been the case for the entire trilogy.)

Turn page.

More drama.  I’d rather read about the sex.

Ana decides to read through his emails to see how long he’s been conversing with Mrs. Robinson.


She doesn’t find any emails from either Mrs. Robinson or Leila but does stumble on an email related to the Jack Hyde investigation.  All we really learn is that a woman was driving the car involved in the high speed car chase.

Ana decides she’s had enough for the night and goes to the playroom to sleep.  But first, she sends Mr. Grey a very pissy text letting him know that she knows he saw Mrs. Robinson and told her about the pregnancy.

The next morning they continue their fight.

Mr. Grey is pissed because he didn’t know where she was or why she was spying on him.  She’s pissed because of how she reacted to the pregnancy and that he ran to Mrs. Robinson instead of talking to her.

I’m pissed because none of this really interests me.

Then Ana tells him to either accept the pregnancy or she’ll leave him.  He freaks out.

Are we seriously back to this?

Turn page.

More fighting.

Turn page.

Ana goes to work.

Ana visits Ray.

Ana goes home.

Mr. Grey is working late.

Ana wakes up the next morning and he’s not there.  Apparently he came and went while she was sleeping.  He did, however, email her at work to let her know he has to fly to Portland on business.

Her cell phone rings.  Caller ID says it’s Mia (Mr. Grey’s sister).

She answers.  Oh poop!  It’s Jack Hyde on the phone.

Holy cream cheese and potato salad!  This just got real interesting. And it only took 21 chapters.

Chapter 22

She wonders why Jack is calling from Mia’s phone.

Catch up Ana!

Jack tells her she has two hours to get him $5 million or he’s going to kill Mia.  She can’t tell anyone or he’ll kill Mia and if she’s followed by anyone, he’ll kill Mia.

I wonder if he’s going to kill Mia.

Ana ditches her security guy and goes to the bank.  She requests a cash withdrawal of $5 million.  The bank contacts Mr. Grey and has her speak to him.  He asks if she is leaving him.  She says, yes.  Ouch!

Mr. Grey agrees to let her have the money.

As she’s leaving she sees Mr. Grey’s security guy, Sawyer outside and knows that she has been followed.  She calls Jack, he also knows that she was followed.  He tells her a car is waiting for her in the back of the bank.  Once outside, she is to toss her cell phone.

She goes out the back of the bank and is greeted by Elizabeth, an SIP employee.

Who the hell is Elizabeth?  I must have missed that chapter.

Elizabeth takes the money and Ana’s cell phone and instructs her to get into the car.

Ana is driven to Jack who beats the crap out of her.

I really hope she doesn’t miscarry.  That would really suck.

During the beat down, Ana manages to reach for the gun she brought with her and she shoots Jack in the knee. Then she blacks out.

Chapter 23

Ana stirs at the sound of Mr. Grey’s voice.  She sustained a hairline skull fracture but the baby is fine.

Oh good!

Mia had been drugged with Rohypnol but she was unharmed and is going to be fine.

Ana fades out.

Ana stirs.

Ana fades out.

Ana stirs.

Ana fades.

I think we get the picture.

Oh wait!  We’re not done yet.

She stirs.
She fades.
She stirs.
She fades.

Turn page.

Seriously!  Wake up already!

She stirs.
She fades.

Finally, she wakes up because she has to pee.

What?  No Foley catheter?

Mr. Grey wakes up and pages a nurse to come in.

Turn page.

The nurse removes the Foley catheter so Ana can pee.


Mr. Grey carries Ana to the bathroom and places her on the toilet.

Turn page.

Mr. Grey tells Ana that everyone is pissed at her.

Way to be supportive!

Then Mr. Grey tells her that after he spoke to her regarding the money, he received a call from the detective telling him that Jack had been given bail.  He assumes Jack is blackmailing Ana.  At this point he doesn’t know Mia is missing.

Ana knew that Mr. Grey would probably trace her cell phone so he borrowed the bank managers cell phone and gave that one to Elizabeth.

Who the hell is Elizabeth?

She hid her cell phone in one of the duffel bags with the money.

Turn page. Turn page.

Nurse Nora is pissed because Mr. Grey is sleeping with Ana in her hospital bed.

Later, Mr. Grey’s father, Carrick, comes for a visit.  He thanks Ana for saving Mia.

Turn page.

Mr. Grey is happy about the pregnancy.  He’s scared, but he’s happy.

To be continued.

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