A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Fifty Shades Freed (Chapters 8-15)

Chapter 8

Gia, the architect for the newlyweds home, is dressed slightly inappropriate for a business meeting to discuss blue prints, leaving Ana to believe that Gia wants Mr. Grey.

Humorously, Mr. Grey doesn’t like to be left alone with Gia because her mannerisms make him uncomfortable.  She works for him.  Why doesn’t he tell her to quit acting that way?

Ana doesn’t like that Gia is clearly “eye-fucking” her husband.  Eye-fucking – there’s a new one.  My dirty girl vocabulary has tripled since I started reading this series.

Taylor calls Mr. Grey away from the meeting briefly due to an “urgent matter”.

When Mr. Grey leaves the room Ana and Gia have a little, one-to-one girl talk.  Ana very assertively tells Gia to cease and desist all flirting with Mr. Grey or she’ll lose her job.

Gia is flabbergasted by this remark.

Mr. Grey returns to the room.  Gia’s abrupt departure leaves Mr. Grey suspicious that something went down while he was gone.  Ana confesses.

Mr. Grey scolds her for thinking that he could ever want anyone else.  In her defense, he did have 16 sexual partners prior to her.  I think he needs to cut her some slack.

Then comes the conversation about her refusing to take his name.  He feels very strongly that the whole world needs to know she belongs to him.  She caves and promises to take his name.

They celebrate this joyous, name-changing occasion by Ana giving Mr. Grey a hair cut.

Wow!  Wild and crazy party animals!

Turn page. Turn page.

The hair cut is interrupted by foreplay.

Turn page. Turn page.

They have sex.

Turn page. Turn page.

After the sex, Ana goes in search of scissors (That would help!) and accidentally spies Taylor kissing Mrs. Jones.  Just Kissing?  Those two really need to read this book.

Chapter 9

Ana and Mr. Grey are in bed together.

Turn page. Turn page.

Mr. Grey has to go to New York on business.  It’s an overnight trip and he’d like Ana to accompany him.  Ana declines his offer because she has to work.

Turn page. Turn page.

Ana begs Mr. Grey to take shooting lessons.  He refuses.  They have differing opinions on gun control.

Turn page. Turn page.

Ana is at work checking her email.

Turn page. Turn page.

Email banter with Mr. Grey.-My favorite part of these books.  No sarcasm intended.

Turn page.

Mr. Grey goes to New York.  Ana makes plans to have drinks with Kate.  Mr. Grey requests that they have the drinks at home because he is concerned with Ana’s safety.

Kate begs Ana to go out for one drink.  Ana reluctantly agrees.

Over drinks Ana learns from Kate that security for all of the Grey family members has been stepped up because of information that was found on Jack Hyde’s hard drive.  Ana is understandably annoyed that Kate knows more about this situation than she does.

I’m annoyed because I still don’t know what’s on the hard drive.

Turn page.

Uh oh.  They’re on their second round of drinks.  Naughty! Naughty!  Ana was supposed to leave after one.

Turn page.

Now they’re on their 4th round of drinks.

Tisk. Tisk.

During the ride back home Ana checks her Blackberry and finds 5 missed calls from Mr. Grey, one angry text and a very pissy email.

For a busy executive he sure does have a lot of time on his hands.

As fate would have it, Ana’s absence from home turned out to be a very good thing because while she was away, Jack Hyde got into the apartment.  After the elevator opens, Ana and her security team see a broken vase on the ground and hear a scuffle. A few moments later a slightly injured security guy comes around the corner and Jack is found unconscious on the floor.

Chapter 10

The security guy saw Jack in the service elevator via a security camera.  Aware that Ana wasn’t at home he chose to to let Jack in so he could apprehend him.

Unsure of how to proceed Ana provides the security team a set of cable ties (hee hee) to tie Jack up.  No one has called the police because the security team is waiting for Taylor to call them back with directions.  Ana politely insists that they call the police.

The police arrive and during questioning it’s revealed that they know Jack and not in a good way.

Turn page.

Ana goes to bed and wakes up a few hours later to see Mr. Grey sitting at the foot of her bed.  He’s wearing a tuxedo and nursing a drink.

One would think that given recent events, Mr. Grey would forget and forgive Ana’s “disobedience”, crawl into bed with her and comfort her.  But, no, he’s “beyond mad” at her for going out with Kate when she was supposed to stay in.

They talk.

Turn page. Turn page.

The next morning Mr. Grey is giving Ana the silent treatment.  She tries to fix the situation by joining him in the shower but he refuses all affection from her.

Later, at work, Ana receives an email from Mr. Grey informing her the police are on their way to her office to finish taking a statement from her.

Via email, Ana confronts Mr. Grey with her belief that he flew home from New York because she went out with Kate and not because he heard about Jack’s failed kidnapping attempt.  She also tells him that she’s angry with him because he’s not telling her all the facts regarding Jack and suggests that if he keeps treating her like a child then she’s going to continue acting like one.  At least she admits it.

Mr. Grey responds back telling Ana to go back to work.

The police come and go.

The ride home is tense as Ana mentally prepares for the fight waiting at home.  When she walks in the door Mr. Grey is wearing his playroom denim jeans.

Oh boy!

Chapter 11

At home, Mr. Grey admits that he came back early because Ana went out when she was supposed to be at home.


He tries to put the moves on Ana but she insists he tell her what’s really going on with Jack.

Good!  I’m dying to know myself.

Jack had information on his computer pertaining to Mr. Grey’s brief stint at Harvard, his career and some of his non-sexual, extra-curricular activities.  He also had information on Carrick, Mr. Grey’s father, as well as his sister and brother.

Mr. Grey insists that Ana eat dinner. He takes her to the kitchen, blind folds her and then feeds her.

Turn page. Turn page.

Lamb is the main course.

Fat Girl with a Bad Attitude is getting hungry.

Turn page. Turn page.

He takes Ana into the playroom for “dessert”

Turn page. Turn page.

Blah Blah Blah

Turn page. Turn page.

Toys, toys and toys.

Turn page.

Finally!  She asks again about Jack.

He tells her that Jack may be connected to the sabotage of his beloved helicopter but they can’t prove it.  I wonder how else Jack may be connected to Mr. Grey.

And then Grey tells Ana that Jack has a record as a minor for misdeeds in Detroit.

The kicker….drum roll please……

Mr. Grey was born in Detroit.

Wow!  I’m good!

Chapter 12

Mr. Grey ran a background check on Jack when Ana started working for him.

Turn page. Turn page.

Ana tells Mr. Grey that he doesn’t need to protect her because she’s not his mother.

I agree.  He needs to protect her because she’s an IDIOT!!!

Turn page. Turn page.

They kiss and make up.

Turn page.

Mr. Grey has a nightmare.  They both wake up.

They have sex.

She doesn’t have an orgasm.  Finally!  Some reality!

They have sex again.  This time she has an orgasm.

Well that reality was short-lived.

Turn page. Turn page.

The next morning they go to Aspen.  Mr. Grey surprises Ana by inviting Mia, Ethan, Elliott and Kate to join them.

During the plane ride, Mr. Grey tells everyone that Jack was in and out of foster homes as a kid and had been arrested for car theft.  Eventually, Jack pulled himself out of the gutter and won a scholarship to Princeton.

Ana believes that Jack has someone helping him and perhaps it’s Elena.

Mr. Grey doesn’t believe that Elena would have anything to do with it.

Chapter 13

They arrive at Aspen and Ana observes that Kate is unusually quiet.

They arrive at the house in Aspen.  It’s really pretty.

Mr. Grey carries Ana over the threshold.

Turn page. Turn page.

It starts raining, ruining their plans for hiking.

The girls decide to go shopping while the boys decide to go fishing in the rain.

Turn page. Turn page.

While shopping, Ana sees Elliott (Kate’s boyfriend) ducking into a jewelry store and then exiting with Gia – the skanky architect with whom, he had a fling – once upon a time before Kate.

The fact that they are together in Kate’ absence is a problem for Ana.

I wonder if he’s buying her an engagement ring.

Ana chooses, wisely, not to say anything to Kate just yet.

The girls spend a lot of money shopping.

Then Ana inquires about the status of Kate’s relationship with Elliott.

Every time I read that name I want to imitate E.T.

El -li-ott.  El-li-ott.

Just saying.

Kate has a pained look on her face and refuses to talk about it.

I definitely think he’s gonna propose.  He’s probably being distant with her because he’s nervous as hell and this is causing anxiety in their relationship.

Turn page.

Kate tells Ana that Elliott has been distant recently.

Damn!  I’m good.

Turn page.

Back at the Aspen house, Ana wanders off looking for firewood and, instead, finds Elliott in the garage.

Turn page.

Ana fixes a bath for Mr. Grey.

They have sex instead of taking a bath.

Turn page.

Kate helps Ana get ready for a night out on the town.

Turn page. Turn page.

They are having dessert at a really fancy restaurant.

Elliott gets down on one knee and proposes to Kate.

Oh El-li-ott! Will E.T. be the best man?

Sorry.  Had to go there.

Chapter 14

Kate says yes.

I’m relieved.

Ana guesses that Gia was at the store helping Elliott pick out the ring.

Turn page. Turn page.

They are at a very posh night club because Mia was being annoying and begging everyone to go.

Turn page. Turn page.

They order drinks.

Kate gushes over the rock on her finger.

While the girls are dancing, Ana feels a pair of hands on her hips.  She turns thinking it’s Mr. Grey but it’s not.  It’s some random guy who thinks he’s a stud.

She slaps him across the face.

Then Mr. Grey punches him.  The fight ends before it ever begins.

Mr. Grey and Ana take their turn on the dance floor.

Turn page. Turn page.

They’re back at the Aspen House.

Turn page. Turn page.

Mr. Grey helps Ana to bed, determining that she’s too drunk for sex.

Chapter 15

Ana and Mr. Grey wake up the next morning.

Queue Dancing in the Sheets

Turn page. Turn page.

At breakfast Ana is teased about her sucker slap the night before.

Later, everyone boards the plane to go home.

It’s late when they get back to Seattle so Mr. Grey and Ana go to bed.

The next morning Ana is at work involved deeply in email banter with Mr. Grey.  Her office assistant informs her that Leila (psycho ex-sub from book 2) is at the office requesting to see Ana.

Oh boy!

To be continued

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