A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Fifty Shades Freed – The Grand Finale

Chapter 24

Ana is still hospitalized.  She’s concerned that Mr. Grey is scared about being a father.

Welcome to parenthood.

Ana wonders if Mr. Grey will ever tell her why he went to Mrs. Robinson with the news of her pregnancy instead of talking to her directly.

The detective arrives at the hospital to interview Ana.  He doesn’t know who posted Jack Hyde’s bail but the facial expression on Mr. Grey leaves Ana wondering if Mr. Grey has a suspect in mind.

Ana is discharged from the hospital but before they leave she stops off to see Ray.  Ray is madder than hell at her for risking her life.

During the ride home one of Mr. Grey’s investigators contacts him regarding Jack.  The investigator is flying in from Detroit to discuss the information he found.

After arriving home Mr. Grey gives Ana a bath.  After the bath, Ana ponders over why Elizabeth was helping Jack.  Mr. Grey tells her that Jack had video-taped each of his assistants having sex with him and used those tapes to black mail them later.

Then Mr. Grey tells Ana that everyone in her life is extremely upset with her over the risks that she took trying to save Mia.  He strongly advises that she never act so reckless again because if she does he’s going to give her the spanking of her life.

Her response:  “You wouldn’t.”

My response:  ” Haven’t you figured out by now that he would?”

Then Ana makes a move for sex.

Mr. Grey denies her sex and makes her get into bed while he fetches her lunch.

Lunch is Mrs. Jones’s chicken stew.  Apparently it’s fabulous.

Ana takes a nap.  Later she finds Mr. Grey with a shocked look on his face.  While she was sleeping, his investigator came and went.  He reported that Jack and Mr. Grey lived in the same foster home for a short while.  Mr. Grey has no memory of this.

Turn page.

Mr. Grey’s entire family comes over to welcome Ana home.  Grey gradually remembers that his foster mother called him baby bird.  In a ransom letter that Jack wrote, Jack addressed Mr. Grey as baby bird.  This leaves Mr. Grey with the conclusion that Jack remembered living with Mr. Grey for that period.

What ransom note?  I don’t remember a ransom note.

Chapter 25

Mr. Grey recalls how he and Mrs. Robinson met.  He was doing some yard work for her.  He mouthed off to her and she slapped him.  Then she kissed him and when she was done she slapped him.  She asked him to return to work the next day.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

His world “…came back into focus because of Mrs. Robinson.” and their extra-curricular activities.

Turn page. Turn page.

But now Ana is his whole world and he’d be lost with out her.

We all knew this because he brings it up at least once every chapter.  Sometimes twice.

Turn page. Turn page.

Mr. Grey felt out of control when Ana told him she was pregnant.  He tried contacting his shrink but couldn’t reach him so he went for a walk.  He found himself outside of Mrs. Robinson’s salon as she was leaving.  They went to a bar and ordered a bottle of wine.  He never told Mrs. Robinson that Ana was pregnant; only that she wanted children.  During the second bottle of wine Mrs. Robinson made a move on Mr. Grey.  His quick reaction to move away from her made her realize the relationship she had with him in the past is over.

Ultimately Mr. Grey acted so horribly to Ana because he scared that once Ana has the baby he won’t be the center of her world anymore.

He’s right.

She told him that would never change.

She’s an idiot.

The conversation continues.

Turn page. Turn page.

The next morning they fight over Ana going to work.  Mr. Grey refuses to let her go.  So they decide to go see their house that his brother, Elliott, is working on.

Turn page. Turn page.

They go on a picnic.

The picnic is repeatedly interrupted by Mr. Grey’s cell phone.  He receives a call from his investigator informing him that Jack’s bail was paid by Mrs. Robinson’s ex-husband (Lincoln).  Mr. Grey owns Lincoln’s business and has it liquidated.  He tells Ana that when Lincoln found out his wife was having relations with Mr. Grey he beat the crap out of Mrs. Robinson.

Now we all feel better that Mr. Grey didn’t ruin the life of a nice guy.

Then Ana jumps Mr. Grey.

Foreplay begins.

Turn page. Turn page.

Foreplay continues.

Turn page. Turn page.

Now the sex.

Turn page.

Post-coital pillow talk

Turn page.

Two days later Mr. Grey still won’t let Ana go to work.  Ana’s bored.  They have sex.


New House 2014

Ana briefly recalls the last sex-filled night at Mr. Grey’s Seattle Apartment.  It begins with a flogger and that’s when I…..

Turn page. Turn page.

Back to 2014

Ana’s pregnant belly has grown.  She’s having a girl.

This is either the longest pregnancy ever or she’s on baby #2.

Yep.  Baby #1 is Teddy and he’s two.

Turn page. Turn page.

Teddy was born via emergency c-section.  Ana labored for 15 hours, the contractions slowed and the baby was in distress.

Turn page. Turn page.

They decide to name baby girl, Phoebe.

Fifty’s First Christmas

Mr. Grey recalls his first Christmas with the Grey family.  He’s a little boy who still can’t talk.  He likes his parents but his older brother Elliott annoys him.  Sometimes they fight and their mother gets upset with them.

Mr. Grey is in awe of the Christmas tree and all of the decorations.  Deep down inside he feels he’s a bad person.  He spies a Christmas stocking with his name on it but doesn’t feel he’ll see Santa because Santa never brought him toys before.

On Christmas day, Mr. Grey dives into his stocking and pulls out a butt plug.

Just Kidding!!!

He pulled out a toy helicopter.

Meet Fifty Shades – May 9, 2011

This is the day that Mr. Grey met Ana for the first time.  He’s annoyed he has to do the interview for the school, annoyed that he has to make an appearance at the commencement ceremony, annoyed that Kate can’t make the interview after all of the annoying she did to get it and finally, he’s annoyed that Ana fell into his office, face first.

Turn page. Turn page.

He can’t take his eyes off of her during the interview.  All of the interview questions are the same.

He envisions her in various positions on the bed of his playroom

After the interview he calls his investigator and has him run a background check on Ana.

Turn page.

He travels to the hardware store where she works to find out if she’s still appealing to him or if there was something funny in his water the day they met.

Nope.  There is definitely more there.  They talk.  He purchases some items.  They schedule a time for a photo shoot.

And that my faithful followers is the end of the Trilogy.

Turn page.

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