A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Fifty Shades of Grey – The Conclusion

Chapter 19

Mr. Grey takes Ana (a woman he claims he wants nothing more from other than sex) to meet his family.  She can’t find her underwear in his bedroom so goes commando.  Classy!  And slightly hilarious!

Chapter 20

They have sex in his parent’s boat house.

Chapter 21

She gets a job with small publishing company.  No sex during the interview.

Mr. Grey corrects her grammar during one of their email banters.  Another quality feature that makes this man a catch.

Chapters 23

They have sex again.

Chapter 24-25

I think they have sex again.

Chapter 26 -Finally I’m almost to the end of this book and then I can forget about it.

Mr. Grey has an intriguing phone conversation with an unknown individual and there’s clearly something brewing.

Ana agrees to let Mr. Grey spank her.

He spanks her.

She doesn’t use her safe words.  Tisk. Tisk.

She decides that she doesn’t like to be spanked.  She also decides that she can’t give this man what he needs in a relationship.

She ends the relationship and gives back the car, the cell phone and the computer.

He’s upset.

She goes to her apartment and cries a lot.

Why isn’t the page on my iPad turning?

What the?

Are you kidding me?  That’s it?  That’s how this book ends?  She’s left crying in her bedroom?  What about the mysterious phone call he was on?


Now I’m gonna have to buy the second book!

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