A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Random things I’ve said at work and what they mean

>1.   “I wanna have a My Little Pony Party.”

Translation:  I’m bored.  The phones aren’t ringing.  What I wouldn’t give for a death call right now.  WHOA!  That’s wrong!  I’m going to hell!  Let me rephrase….what I wouldn’t give for the cops to call me and tell me they found Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and Bambi bones lying around in a field.  Yeah!  That’s it!  That’s what I meant! Uh huh!

2.  “What’s for lunch?”

Translation:  I’m hungry.  What’s for lunch?  (This could also mean I’m bored so please look at the clock when I say it, for a better understanding of what I’m most likely referring to.)

3.  “It puts the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the hose again.”

(Okay, okay.  I’ve never actually said that one.  Just thought it would be funny to put it in here.  Yay! for Captain Stottelmyer.  He made it big.  From serial killer in Jodie Foster movie to Monk sidekick.  Don’t believe me…just check out http://www.imbd.com/)

4.  “WHAT UP DOC!”

Translation:  Management in the room!  Management in the room!  Everyone get off your blogs or facebook page and get back to work!

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