A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

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Oh where, oh where have my followers gone.  Oh where, oh where could they be?  It’s really kind of depressing, everytime I log on to my blog I see on the right side of the screen “No followers.  Be the first.”  Sigh.  That’s all right.  I think this is only my third or fourth day blogging.  Eventually, if I blog they will read.  I hope.  Otherwise I’m just rambling into space wondering if anyone listening.  It’s like I’m married again.

What’s nice about my job is that it is a daily reminder that no matter how bad my life is or what I have to deal with, there’s someone out there who is having a much worse day.  For example, a few weeks I responded to the home of an individual who woke up that morning both dead and decomposed.  Suddenly I forgot all about my problems that day.  He clearly won the competition on who was having a bad day.  In fact, I still can’t remember what was stressing me out that day.  I have completely blocked it out.

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