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Saving Travis Montgomery

Last week I wrote about my super-creepy infatuation with Jay Hayden and how concerned I was over the possibility that the writers of Station 19 were going to kill him off in the Season 2 premiere which is only: 

at the time I wrote this blog. (I have three kids, two cats, and a husband who appreciates the occasional slap and tickle so sometimes I have to write ahead of time.)

My concerns over the fate of Jay Hayden’s character, Travis Montgomery, continue to grow mostly due to ominous Instagram posts left by Jay.

Which of course I handled with the highest amount of dignity and grace.

Killing off Travis Montgomery is unacceptable! In light of the possibility that the writers decided to off my constant source of eye candy, I’ve taken measures into my owns hands. I’ve decided to write the season 2 premiere. I realize it’s only a few days away but that’s okay, I’m sure the writers, the actors, the directors and everyone else responsible for making a television episode can re-film this in time for Thursday’s premiere.

But before I layout the outline of the new episode I feel the need to make a few things very clear. First, this rewrite is totally and completely unauthorized. I am NOT affiliated with ABC.

I’m also not affiliated with Station 19 or Shondaland. I have absolutely no right to do this. In fact, I’m not even sure this is legal. To further illustrate how I’m not one of the cool kids at ABC, Station 19, or Shondaland, I’ve included the following maps that show where I am in relationship to them.

Now that I’ve established I’m not one of the cool kids, not affiliated with one of the cool kids, and will never be a cool kid, I can begin. 

Oh. FYI! I know nothing about writing scripts or the terms used like “panning,” “fading,” and such. I’m just making it up as I go along.

I now present the unauthorized outline for the season 2 premiere of Station 19.

In the opening scene there’s a funeral with a lot of people present. It’s shot from a distance so the viewers can’t see who’s in attendance because God forbid I learn Travis Montgomery’s fate in the first five minutes of the show. A casket covered with the American Flag is also seen with a lot of firefighters dressed in their formal black uniforms sitting behind it.

The first close up is of Andy Herrera standing in front of the casket wearing a brave face. As the camera zooms in, the scene cuts to a flashback from the season 1 finale. It’s right after the explosion happens. Andy is pulling herself off the floor, trying to find steady ground. She’s hell bent she’s not leaving the building until she finds Jack. She makes her way to the stair well and starts working her way up. Black smoke is everywhere making it almost impossible for her to find her way up. Almost! This is Andy Herrera we’re talking about. She’s the resident bad ass. If anyone can find her way through a smoke-filled stairwell, it’s her.

She’s one floor beneath Jack when a fireball bursts through a window inside of the stairwell.

Cut to funeral scene:

The camera pans past Andy and stops at Vic (Victoria) and Maya, who are standing next to each other. Maya has a hearing aid in her ear because she suffered hearing loss from an explosion that took place in an earlier episode of Season 1.

Cut to flash back:

Vic is over her fear of fire and hosing down some flames. Maya grabs her by the arm and insists they leave right away. They go down the stairwell where they encounter Ben Warren, Travis Montgomery, and Lorelai Gilmore’s stepdaughter who also has been seriously injured.

Maya goes over to Lorelai’s stepdaughter and gives her one of her bad-ass, pep-talks about how she’s going to survive, death is not an option. There’s only one road: the road to recovery. Everyone’s getting out alive. Don’t give up! If you give up I’ll be pissed.

Ben is talking to Vic about Travis and the girl, both of whom are in dire need of medical help. They make the decision to carry the two victims down the stairwell.

Cut to funeral scene:

The camera zooms up on Dean. Pay attention to Dean!

Cut to flashback

(I’m cheating here because I’ve seen the previews for the season 2 premiere so I know at some point Dean made it out of the building and is having a disagreement with Fire Chief Ripley.)

Dean is outside of the building and wants to go back and get his friends out. Chief Ripley won’t let him go in and tries to pull rank. Dean gets pissed and goes Tyrion Lannister on Chief Ripley.

Caught off guard by the bitch-slapping, Chief Ripley stands aside and Dean goes back into the building.

Cut to Andy in the stairwell:

A fire ball just burst through a window in the stairwell. Once the fire dies down, Andy looks through the window and sees Daenerys Targaryen on her dragon.


Andy climbs onto the dragon’s wing and hitches a ride with Daenerys up to the next floor. The dragon blows out the window in that stairwell. Andy turns back to Daenerys and says, “Thanks for the lift.” She jumps through the window into a cloud of black smoke.

Cut to funeral scene:

The next person we see at the funeral is Jack. His face is scratched up from injuries sustained in the explosion but he’s otherwise fine.

Cut to flashback:

I have absolutely no idea how Jack survived the explosion. That’s probably one of many reasons while I’ll never be invited to have lunch with the cool kids. He’s conscious, but just barely. Andy comes flying through the stairwell door, trips over Jack – no particular reason. I just wanted to increase the tension and the drama. But it’s okay because Andy’s a total bad ass. She can handle it.



She helps Jack stand, putting his arm over her shoulder and they walk back to the stairwell where Daenerys and her dragon are waiting. They climb onto the dragon’s wing and Daenerys flies them off to safety.

Cut to funeral:

Andy’s chin is quivering and tears are streaming down her face.

Cut to flashback:

Chief Herrera (Andy’s Father), is rushed into the emergency room, unresponsive. Bailey and an elite team of bad-ass doctors all fight like hell to revive him. A flat line goes across the heart monitor. Bailey shocks Chief Herrera several times. He never recovers. Bailey calls time of death.

Cut to funeral:

Andy remembers the first time her father took her for a ride on the fire truck. She remembers the time she flew to NYC after 9/11 to bring him home, and her graduation ceremony from the fire academy – how proud he looked that day. She places a flower on his casket. The other firefighters follow suit.

Cut to Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital:

Ferris Bueller is walking through the hospital hallway. It’s okay. He has the day off.



He passes by a hospital room where Grant is visiting Travis who is alive. Travis is alive! ALIVE!


Grant is feeding Travis cheesecake. Travis is kind of a health nut so this isn’t your every day cheesecake. It’s sugar free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, vegan free, and low carb.

Fortunately for Travis, Grant is a master chef, completely capable of taking the crap I just described and turning it into something unbelievably mouth-watering.

Cut to Maya:

Maya is visiting her girlfriend who suffered a minor leg injury during the fire. They’re snuggled up on the sofa eating popcorn.

Cut to Lorelai Gilmore’s Stepdaughter:

Lorelai Gilmore’s stepdaughter sued the company she worked for because her coworkers trampled her on the stairwell during the fire, causing her injuries. She settled out of court, walking away with $90,000,000 and moved back to Connecticut where she helps her father out in his diner – but only because she wants to.

Cut to Andy:

Andy and Vic are hanging out on her porch, drinking wine when a car pulls up. Jack gets out of the car and walks up to her house at the same time that Ryan (Andy’s other love interest) comes over to check on her. She looks at both of them. Vic asks, “What are you going to do?”

The camera focuses on Andy’s face. It’s clear from her facial expression that choosing between Jack and Ryan is going to have to wait for another episode.

Closing Credits:

Closing Credits End

Thanks for shopping Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm. I’ll see you next time!

Calling all readers! Let’s play a game! Tune into ABC at 9 pm EST on October 4th and see how close the cool kids of Station 19 came to my version of events. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

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