A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Surfer Dude: Part 2 of 4

>Okay so you’re probably asking what’s up with “Surfer Dude”.  There came a point in time where I was interacting with enough guys online that I began giving them nicknames so that I could keep them straight when I was talking about them with my friends.

Surfer Dude and I never actually made it to a first date.  Well, I almost made it to our first date.  He cancelled on me when I was five minutes away from our chosen location.  Go figure!

Anyway, Surfer Dude sounded just like a stereotypical Surfer Dude from the way he spoke to the way he chuckled.  It was kind of irritating, but then again, so am I.  Why judge?

During one of our many phone conversations my career came up once again.

Surfer Dude:  So, like, huh huh, how did you get into death investigation?

Me:  Well, I was always interested in Forensic Science but I wasn’t very good at Chemistry, Biology or Physics.  Eventually I lucked out and found a graduate program that didn’t require a background in any one of those.

Him:  Do you where leather pants to crime scenes?

Ignoring that.  Moving along. Moving along to where?  Help.  A little help please!

Him: Just kidding.

Not totally convinced.

Him:  So you didn’t have to take a lot of science courses?

Me:  Nope.

Him:  So you’re not like a geek?


Me:  Huh?

Him:  A geek?  You know, someone who spends all their time in school studying and reading a lot and stuff.  Huh. Huh.

Okay.  I spent six years of my life in college.  Where’s he going with this?

Me:  Yeah, actually I am a geek. But, I’m okay with that.

Of course, I had to endure/suffer through four years of high school and being the butt of every Jock and Cheerleader’s brutal joke and my therapist says I have a ways to go before I’ll recover.  But, other than that, I’m okay with being a geek.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THAT UP!

Despite that conversation I still agreed to meet him for coffee.  However, that was the date where he cancelled while I was en route.  Needless to say, his conversational skills were not enough for me to give him a second chance.

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  1. >I love l that you were able to find a Forensic Science program that didn't require a background in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. This actually gives me hope, as I am terrible in two of those three areas.PS – Surfer Dude sounds like a nut-job!

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