A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver


My friend called me this evening with exciting news that she needed some advice on.

Friend:     I was offered this job out of state that pays quite a bit less than what I’m currently making.  It’s      an incredible opportunity and the same day I was offered the job, someone made an offer on my house.  I’ve had a lot of input from friends and family but I know you and know that you are a rational and logical person so I want to know your opinion on what I should do.  Should I take the job with the pay cut or stay here and work a job that I hate?

Should I tell her?  It’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I really think I should tell her. 

Me:    Wow!  That’s awesome!  I think you should take it if the opportunity is that good.  But before you go calling me nice things like logical and rational, there’s something I think you should know.

Friend:  What?

Me:  Last week I quit my job and moved to California to live with my boyfriend, unemployed.  I have no job, no income and in about three weeks, no health insurance.


More Silence

Checking my cell phone to make sure there’s still a connection.

Still silence.

Me:  Hello?

At last I heard her response.  Her lovable and unmistakable outburst of hysterical laughter.

Friend: You are insane!

I work in a morgue.  Duh.

Me:  I think you should take the job.  That way if I end up with out the job that I applied for and my boyfriend dumps me, I’ll have a place to live.

Yes my friends.  That’s right.  What you have just read is completely the truth.  I resigned my position as a death investigator to live with my boyfriend out in California.  While I am currently unemployed, I’m also going through a background investigation for a position with a Sheriff’s office out here in sunny, southern California.  No….it’s not a sworn position.  No one sane would ever give me a gun.

If you’re thinking to yourself  “She’s out of her frickin mind.  She gave up her job to move to California for a guy!”  That’s a good and fair thought.  If you’re not thinking that….you really should.

Needless to say, the story behind my relationship is, to date, my favorite fairy tale romance and someday soon, I’ll share it.  Assuming I still have any readers left.  I think it’s been almost two months since my last posting.  Sorry.  I’ve been a little distracted.

Anyway,  I fully intend to keep blogging but the theme will probably change from My Life in a Morgue to something really cheesy like My Life After Death.  If you hate it, don’t worry….I’m still trying to figure it out.  Oh..and just in case you’re wondering, my boyfriend isn’t any of the guys I’ve blogged about.  He’s special.  He bathes.

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  1. >He bathes?! If my intelligence is correct, that's an understatement. 😉 But maybe he's changed since I've been out of the loop.Meow ~waves~

  2. >I've followed your life in a morgue for some time now and I for one will be here to follow your life after death … OMG that does sound creepy .. or whatever you chose your new title to be. I love your style and humour.Good luck with the new surroundnigs … a touch of insanity in life can be a good step forward. Take care and look forward to more.

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